Historical mode should be added in warthunder

Exactly- hence why there is no need for this level of realism. It is a game, designed for fun, for people to enjoy. If I don’t enjoy playing historical MM, why would I want it?

Anything interesting like that is simply beyond this game


sadly true.

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There need for it but its sadly wasted on some people.society has to walk at the pace of its slowest i guess

This is what used to be called (and still is) Allies v Axis, not Historical MM, as it is what we used to have in game (although quite frankly I don’t miss it anymore). Historical MM implies BRs, whole Allies v Axis implies Nations.

My goodness. Some people want a historical mode and to those who are saying theres imbalance or no counter etc… Maybe this idea or gamemode is not for you.

That does not make you entitled to go against it.

I like this idea and I am sure a lot of other people do so please stop walling it off.

Skill issue at the end of the day isn’t it.


For me its just a basic game expectation, what i wrongly assumed would be in place in a modern armoured warfare game instead of playing like children with any toy that comes out of the box.


Hence why personally I only play Simulator both ground and air.

I can not find another way to Enjoy this game.

And my personal preference is modern vehicles but you will never find me whining about being sniped by a helicopter atgm the second I spawn my abrams.

Shit happens and if I did not want to deal with it I would not play it.


I enjoy the game by staying low ,5br max .I have to really be in the mood to go higher but I do sometimes.facing mid 60s to 80s tanks in WW2 armour is THE major issue for me in this game. I have no idea why anybody rushes to defend it.I played 6.7 yesterday and its fine as it was mosty WW2 and I quite enjoyed it,just sniping at shapes from distance really and not caring what they were.Switching my brain off rather than on which is what this game requires now days.


Yeh its just personal preference enjoy the game however you like! 😊

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Air RB was Axis vs Allies when I started playing WT. It was awful and I’m glad it’s gone.


It should be added as a separate game mode.


What about US vs Germany??

It really shouldn’t. WT is already split across too many modes, BRs, and vehicle types as it is. If anything, fewer modes would be better.

So you want to keep playing the same old team deathmatch that doesnt have anything to make it interesting.

Hard limits on what can be faced doesn’t make it more interesting, it makes it less interesting because of the lack of diversity.

TDM is the bread and butter of PvP games, that’s fine by me.

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This doesn’t totally make sense, but assuming what you meant is that there IS a need for it, I present to you another option.

Sim Battles.

If you want it, just play them. It’s historical matchmaking at its finest- and a decent showcase to HMMs successes and problems

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Its not though is it? Its full of copy paste and must be a team kill nightmare