Historical mode should be added in warthunder

I hope gaijin will return to the historical mode, and the existing balanced mode can be continued, but I hope there is a more historical mode to join the game. The game has Iwo Jima. Midway, New Guinea, Guadalcanal… These maps are extremely difficult to meet now. I hope gaijin can listen to players’ suggestions carefully, In future updates and add some historical patterns on the existing basis.


US VS IJN/Germen VS russian/UK VS German…historical mode and historical maps

I am assuming this is for nation based mm and not historical mm. Because historical mm failed both times they tested it.

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nation is ok,better than now


The issue with these simulator esq modes is Gaijin’s unwillingness to tie them to progression boons.

No one wants to play something that doesn’t help their grind in some way.


The last time it was added no one played it cause it was imbalanced and trash, a waste of both server and dev resources.
Players are not asking for historical modes, thus Gaijin is listening.

This thread disqualifies this statement unless you mean “majority”.

Would people play a World War 2 mode which had relevant rewards and was properly designed to showcase real world vehicle match ups?


IMO, we should have nation MM as selectable switch like current night games.

I would like to see USA vs USSR on Korea again.

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No, a majority of players wouldn’t want to play real world matchups because real world matchups almost always have a distinct advantage for one side. One side would be fun to play and the other would be a struggle to be relevant. Matchmaking would be impossible because everyone would want to play the better side. I believe this is also what happened with the previous World War game modes.


So make one that is not imbalanced and trash 😆

Which will be unfair in most cases. Some nations are going to have extremely OP vehicles during specific timeline while others would suck.

WW2 mode would be nice but not with real world vehicle matchups. No one wants to fight against a king tiger in a sherman 75

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You can’t incentivize play on the worse side by providing increased rewards since they’re at a disadvantage?

It isn’t just WW2 either- are you seriously telling me you enjoy consistently fighting Abrams in your T-55s/T-72As? Or what about having to fight an IS-3 in an M4A3. We could also go on and talk about stuff like the F4Us vs. MiG-15s or the F-15s and F-16s bombing the hell out of T-55s and early Radar SPAAG.

Historical Accuracy is never going to work simply because regardless of how you balance and keep historical mm it some side is always left for dead.


Jumbo does it just fine you just need to not get shot.

“this heavy tank works as long as you don’t use its armor, the one selling point of a heavy tank”


I am referencing to its gun which is the same as the 75 sherman.

It can still kill the Tiger, you just need to not get shot.

It isn’t about rewards, it’s about the imbalance not being fun to play. Average players don’t play for more rewards, they play this game for the FUN of it. Fighting superior vehicles with no solid counters is not fun, it is just a slog for anyone playing the weaker side.


Yeah the Jumbo does not have an incredibly easy time with the Tiger IIs. The tiger IIs can easily slice through any part of the Jumbo while the Jumbo has to get lucky to get a kill just on the side of the tank.

M4 75mm Sherman’s would have it even worse since they don’t even have a chance of blocking the round, while maintaining the crappy gun and in all honesty with either the same or slightly worse mobility.

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Warthunder is just tank shaped pixels fighting over a point,always has been always will be

By historical accuracy I meant nations fighting against actual opponent nations. This is the only kind of historical mode that could work.