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In what would should a PZ-IV H or a STUG III G be fighting M3 Stuarts, early T-34s, Churchill MK1’s, or Valentines?

I don’t get this at all, the Late PZ IVs used to be like 4.3 to 4.7, and they were REALLY good in that BR range, Now its just annoying to try and fight them, They can penetrate everything we have, even the Heavy tanks, and are BETTER armored than the Heavy tanks at the tier.

the LEAST you could do is move them back up now that you reorganized the 5.3-6.3 BR range so that they aren’t stomping on all these early war tanks that can realistically do NOTHING do them.


Because players didnt know how to be tactically efficient with them so they got wrecked


That is a problem of player skill, not the tanks, the tanks should have stayed the same BR.


First of all, chill. Second, they can be countered with these low tier tanks. Not to run the joke into the groun, but this is quite literally a skill issue. They have a giant flat front plate that’s super easy to penetrate and their overall armor is pretty bad.


Probably due to the same reason why postwar turbpprops (seeing service in 1953) aka as Wyverns fight 1942 service Bf 109 G-2s (with the same BR) - this imho plain stupid BR setting policy based on plain average - this drags iconic vehicles low when a lot of rookies play them.


80mm of Frontal armor, PLUS Track armor is bad… Alright you DEFFINETLY don’t play the game.

that is BETTER frontal armor than the KV-1s. Hell that is almost better armor than the KV-1E/1B.

The PZ IV H alone is legit just a More agile version of the Captured KV-1C, its just players have no idea how to use the blasted thing, But that does NOT mean it should be down at BR’s where it is fighting vehicles that legitimately can not PEN it unless they are at point blank range firing into their side armor.


Man, I gotta be the guy that brings up the point of "Didn’t these tanks fight each other irl?’ Like Ik in game it sucks, but it’s not that hard to kill them, there turret face is pretty weak so you can disable breach and kill gunner. Plus, most of the tanks you named can pen the pate pz4’s. As for the stugs hit the flat spots on the front, or pull an Amercian main and track and barrel torture them; same can be said for Pz4’s. Yes, there guns are crazy good and can kill most tanks at their BR frontally but so can many other tanks at both their BR and other clustered BR’s. Finally, if you’re worried that you can’t pen them frontally, try flanking them. If you run into one frontally, get out of there and flank.

Well, one is a medium tank, and the other is a heavy tank; I expect the medium tank to have slightly superior mobility. In general, German tanks have inferior mobility and handling than Allied tanks; in rough maps, I will take Shermans and T-34s at any time of day and will easily outmaneuver and flank the German Panzer IVs.

PS: The Panzer IV H does not have better armor than the KV-1E.


In what world does a Panzer IV have more armour than a KV-1? You can angle the KV-1 as well, unlike the Pz IV.


The turret and hull roof on all the panzer 4’s can be penned easily by 50 cals. nuff said

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So can the sides of earlier ones

im sorry, i just stated facts. But i agree with you they should have stayed at their BR. i mean i use the Finnish Panzer IV J at 5.0 and it does well. as long as im not an idiot.


BR’s are based on performance not historical introduction.

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Well, for the same reason late WW2 tanks are fighting early cold war tanks, duuh.

The Panzer IV H should be 4.0 and the G should be 3.7, the F2 should stay at 3.3. Each variant incrementally increases in armor. That way the 2.3 and 2.7 heavies can breathe a bit easier sine generally their firepower is terrible in an uptier and they get easily owned by the Panzer IV.


Heck even Japanese tanks feel like their better than Panzer IV’s.

Well, that’s more of a case, where many early Cold War tanks were tanks being developed, tested, or produced when the war had ended, or were around when it was ending but due to logistical reasoning had to be halted an example is the M46 Patton and the IS-3.

… and third, there were 2 questions ;-)

because german players are on average so terrible at the game they have to have everything lower in BR

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Yeah, but one could still argue that the ‘balancing’ element of this game is off the rail and has been for some time now.

I would like to see historical matchmaking with a lower playerbase on the ‘better’ side. Just like they did in the Normandy event last year, if you remember that.

Germany had 8-10 players while the allies had 12-16 I think.