Hey... just..... just a Question

Because the main player base of these vehicles are noobs
The Stugs are fine tho

IV G really need 3.7 and IV H 4.3, while the JPz IV is insane for 4.3 and needs 4.7

I would love historical battles like Normandy, with EC-style SP costs for balancing so there’s the whole variety of historical vehicles across like 1.3-6.7, but the better vehicles are naturally much rarer and harder to get

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Yeah, EC could be the savior of war thunder.

Right now it seems way too repetitive imo.

No thanks, I rather not have to fight something that I cannot kill or will struggle to do so.

Yeah, thats just… Wild. I wouldn’t mind having to resort to teamwork whilst driving in a sherman, taking out a tiger.

The point and click meta should never have started.

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Especially because with EC spawn points it will always be 2v1 vs the tiger- unless you or your team are just bad

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The Point Click would still be in the game even if it was a Historical matchmaking. You aren’t the first and won’t be the last to suggest it. The answer will always be N and the letter O.
When they did the Normandy D-Day event, most battles were still dominated by the Axis and restricting this, isn’t a good gameplay design.

THIS^^ is the issue…players won’t like to play on “inferior” vehicles…even if they outnumber the enemy. I PERSONALLY would like to test asymmetric scenarios…lets call it them realistic…BUT these would have to be very well designed to make players play them…
I dont recall the Normandy event you mention…but in the past, events where one side had better vehicles would invariably mean a long queue for those and difficulty in finding players for the lesser vehicles…i recall one in Barbarossa where the T34s players would queue and the opposition (and even the players with lesser Russian tanks) would leave battle frequently…