Helis in Air sim, more naval targets

It would be pretty cool to see Helicopters in Air simulator battles too. like They’re in Ground sim. They should be able to hunt the ground targets and convoys, able to land on bases/helicopter carriers.
As with this there shuld be more Naval targets to hunt for (Submarines/Heli Carriers/Patrol boats…etc) in maps like Tunisia/Denmark or PortM… This should be easy to add, since Heli bases are already in game… Maybe they could “transport” troops from A to B, depending on the type of the heli they’re flying with. Hope that theese can be added, I LOVE AIR SIM, but it can be pretty boring sometimes…


Adding helicopter’s to SB for better helicopter immersion and a better helicopter grind - Suggestions / Gameplay - War Thunder — official forum

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It already takes helis long enough to reach targets in Heli PVE, and that’s arcade. Helis would likely need dozens or helipads to reach targets in sim any time soon .

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