Helipad AAA is useless

The current state is unacceptable, people can just camp with other helis and shoot when you spawn.


Good needs to stay that way, makes it easier to shoot you down before you can grief on the ground battle going on


This made me lol


Yeah, it just marks targets, doesnt actually damage them. They need to add a heli pad to the AF

How is it good that you spawn rightbin front of a enemy heil and instantly die the air should prevent enemy heils from getting too close

I agree. Helipad AAA should target helicopters as soon as they lift off from the pad, destroying them instantly.


Remove the forward heli pad and then turn on aa.

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Would be fine by me. If they don’t care to protect it might as well not have it.
At the very least aircraft targeted by AA should be spotted on the map, so people know if the pad is clear.

That’s the most brainless take I’ve seen and surely from someone that doesn’t play helis. As soon as you get into the LOS of any top tier SAM you’re most likely doomed. Unlike F-16s that can fire Mavericks from space, helis actually need to take risks to get kills, and more often than not die before doing any damage.

The aa on the forward pad caused issues when it did damage. Pretty sure that was the main reason for it being off.

It would also help delay the rocket helis a bit so that people can have a chance to spread out.

The helipad AA, at least the one closest to the battlefield, causes issues with planes. Some of the heli spawns are well within the normal operating distances that you would see when using a plane. I’m not talking about people trying to kill helis at the spawn, I’m talking people lining up for attack runs and then meeting a wall of fire because a spawn is so close. Makes it worse if you want to play as Combat Air Patrol and can’t even get into a decent intercept course for other planes vefore they are dropping their payloads.

The forward helipad could probably be removed and this problem wouldn’t be as complicated. It would take helicopters more time to reach weapons range for an attack, but it would also give the helicopters more space to maneuver and find other ways to enter the battlespace. The normal Helipad’s aa could be buffed without having a huge effect on planes that need the space for normal manuvering.

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Well, yes and no. Issues being, early heli’s, such as the Huey, the HKP3C, Allouete, and Mi-4, or any other early heli with short range weapons. With late helis such as the Mi-24’s the the Shturm missiles, Mi-28’s, Ka-50’s and the AH-64 and AH Mk.1, as well as the AHS. Really, for early helis, they are too slow, by the time you get there from the pad, the push has either been lost or won. I’ve had a few run in’s with these helipad campers, and they sadly won, as I had no offensive armarment, the HKP3C has none, I was left vulnerable, and killed fairly quickly.

Agreed the forward heli should just be removed. These were historically called FARPs but are too close in the game.

You would be angry if you get killed by rank one plane instead by op helicopter camping near the helipad.

I love spawncamping filthy Kamovs and Havoks in my Kisarazu and Huey. It’s so cathartic.

Helicopters getting spawn camped preventing them from spawn camping the enemy ground team?



That’s because when it did damage is was dead on on every shot. Gaijin could implement dynamic accuracy so they start off bad and get better the closer/longer a player stands within range. That should make so aircraft passing by are not at risk, unless they sit on top of the AA for a long time.

Also, the flak effects don’t exist anymore, Gaijin should bring back the Beta black smoke plumes and shaky camera, so people know they’re being shot at.

The thing is that rocket helis only have a chance as a first spawn when people are crumpled together, once they spread out you can’t engage people before being MG’d to dead, especially if you don’t have CCIP.

yeah let’s keep shitty game mechanics because we have a hate boner for CAS/Helis, real mature and intelligent behavior

No hate boner for CAS, only heli’s carrying ATGM’s in ground RB