Helipad AAA is useless

Nah you are just being unreasonable because you have an unchecked bias.

What Bias? lol

The forward helipad should not have AA. It can fire often past the entire ground map and map the whole map a killzone for AI controlled AAA. Terrible game design.

Before they removed damage from helipads, was definitely killed or crippled in my plane on many occasions while flying over or even behind my own teams tank spawn. It was idiotic. The simple turn circle to reset for many jets if you tried to do an attack run on the ground map flew you right over the enemy forward helipad too, which got you obliterated.

There should be no AA on the forward helipad, or remove it entirely, the rear helipad can have AA protection though.

Id support removing the forward one entirely, many top tier helicopters can literally fire ATGMs at the ground map from basically directly above it and then it only takes them 30 seconds to land and rearm, which is dumb.

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You are ok with an obviously bad gameplay mechanic because it punishes a group of vehicles you don’t like, even if it makes 0 sense and isn’t good for the game.

Well until gaijin fixes helis with ATGMs, I am not gonna complain about how easy they are to kill with planes… Helis carrying ATGMs is bad gameplay mechanic, get it right lol

but heils do carry them so do you want them to remove heils as they are too annoying

Move them to 11.0 or something. I really don’t really care. Place with all the rest of the 0-skill guided muntion. Or make it a 2500 point spawn lol

you must really hate heils to compare them to a nuke

You literally just explained how you have an unchecked bias!

Again, I have to say this so many times, I despise helis carrying ATGMs

Right why is this your problem? lol It is my entire bio on the forum, read it ;)

ok i don’t like spawn campers and useless spaa

Acting like the 8.0-9.3 helis have a “skilless” time is hilarious. It’s evident you don’t play them.

Nice me too i think

It’s your problem sweet child.

And I take pride in that ;) You mean hovering 5 km from the target firing guided munition is skill-full? or flying in over the battlefield to fly over some guys cover and get a single kill before getting shot down yourself. Neither are standards of skillful or effective game play lol

It means you are ignorant and speak like a dunce of what you do not understand.

You keep playing your atgm heli and i wont, see who has the most fun lmao

Yeah thats what i meant buddy. either way its non of your business, although you tried making it

Well F-16C with paveway and mavericks can take out 8 tanks in very short time window if left unchecked, assuming all munitions score a kill.

And in game mode with 16 player teams, thats 50% of team gone.

So yeah some CAS options are extremely effective.