Heavy tanks please

I think both Japan and Italy’s claims to the Tiger I are poor (honestly I don’t know why the HT no.6 is even in the game because it’s literally fake and Gaijin are very pedantic about historical accuracy). Hungary actually used 13-15 Tiger Is, with some of their most famous tank aces operating them. They were used in combat quite a lot, and this is much better than a country buying and never receiving a tank, or another country training a crew for the tank. Considering Hungary is now Italy’s subtree it would make the most sense to add a Hungarian Tiger to the subtree, that way Italy players can use a Tiger.

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so if you look up if Japan had a tiger one was bought alongside a panther(no clue what model) and 3 Pz III’s but only the Pz III’s were delivered, supposedly it was destroyed at port by the Allies before it could be loaded on a transport, for the panther i have no clue where that ended up

“Technically” and “Legally” New Zealand owned F-16s, give them to GB?

the guy trying to give weird justification of why japan has tiger will learn that he is joking soon, meanwhile the same amount of reasoning for why italy should or should not have the tiger applies to japan, a purchase receipt for japan is as good as italian tankers training on the tiger for 95% of people.
in reality japan should not have the tiger.

shift your focus on why japan has the tanks they have and not why italy isn’t having whatever japan is having. japan is an anomaly in this game.
example 1 : japan evaluated 1 M47 and returned it to usa, it’s in the game for japan. italy once had over 2000 m47s in service, italy doesn’t have access to 90mm m47 in game.
example 2 : no nation has access to their fantasy tanks, while japan is having ho-ri prototype and production.
example 3 : the tiger tank itself.
example 4 : no other minor nation (except isramagachistan) has access to 5 variants of the same vehicle. (stb-1, type 74 c,e,f,g)

japan is weird, don’t compare it to anything, maybe just to israel.
Edit: also now with hungary, we might get the hungarian tiger, let’s hope.


It all comes down to the fact that japan used very little amount of vehicle types after ww2 and with tanks, even during the war. To make proper lineups devs have to squeeze out every bit of prototype and variant they can.
Same situation have for example swedish helis, with majority of them not being produced in larger number and 2 of them used only for testing and returned to the owner.


Sep 8

The solution to Italy’s heavy tank problem is simple:

“1. Add the Hungarian 44M Tas heavy tank, my suggestion for it is here if you want to support it: https://forum.warthunder.com/t/the-best-ww2-tank-ever-made-by-a-minor-nation-hungarys-44m-tas/22926
2. Add a Hungarian Tiger I, Hungary actually operated 13-15 of these tanks during WW2, unlike Italy or Japan.”

This is a very good solution.


But they won’t do the same for Italy. While there were a small number of “paper” tanks, before building a prototype they did make some models out of wood. Which is still closer than how Japan has a Tiger.

But what about all of the vehicles Italy did build and test? While not all entered production, there are photos of prototypes being tested. DRACO, Centauro IFVs, the Italian M901, Centauro SPG (Pegasus), or like many of Italy’s aircraft that aren’t in or all of the OTOMATICs rounds, the upgraded radar for the OTOMATIC, or its actual capacity for APFSDS?

We could go on and on about existing issues with Italian vehicles while simultaneously poking holes in the tech tree where more ITALIAN vehicles could have been added. Nope we got Hungry, and the KF41 is unplayable broken. Just neglect. If Italy had more of the interesting vehicles they had, more players may play it and spend money on it. No they rather keep it hot garbage, making it a dumpster fire.


Calm down dude, I was talking about japan. Italy is fine as it is, it is one of my favourite countries and has decent selection of niche vehicles that is growing every update. KF is unplayable? Great, Im not gonna cry about single end of the line vehicle, when I can enjoy turans, zrinyi and reinforced lineups.

I can list some random vehicles for every country and be like “waaah gaijin when they will be added”, but I can also be patient bcs not everything can be added instantly.

What about no ?

That’s why Panther II 8.8cm, Tiger 2 10.5cm was out of the game. That’s why soon R2Y2 series’ll be remove, etc.

Gaijin made them, and like pulling the trigger, there is no going Back. All those “Fakes” deserve to be part of War Thunder. For all of us!

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Seems pretty obvious that it can, in fact, be undone. Given, y’know, the fact that it was.

It was not, and cannot. I see Coelian, Panther II and 105 Tiger II on a regular basis. Their “removal” did only violate the players and split us apart. All should have the right to own and use them.

This human nihilism is really getting on my nerve, in 69 man walked on the moon, and in 2023 a bunch of Russian Oligarchs won’t even give all players some digital tanks in their “Game”. You human folks are supposed to have cities on Mars since the 80s for crying out loud! What happened to this promising species?

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The vehicle was more than a blueprint… if you want to argument, take something about the context. Prototype builded and tested is an other thing.


I know you were talking about Japan, which is why I made the comment regarding Japan’s tiger. I invest time and money in this game like the majority of those who play it, thus have a right to complain about things I am not happy with. Indeed the KF41 does not work properly. No not in an argument of “hurr durr let me leak info to prove a point”, but in the aspect of in game it just does not work and needs to be fixed. They added a bunch of non-Italian, Hungarian vehicles as opposed to having added some of the many Italian vehicles that would greatly improve the tech tree. Italy is heavily compressed. Don’t even get me started on Italian helicopters where they didn’t even put the Hungarian helicopters in their own branch, which is fucked. Oh the A-129 International had all of this different armarment? Nah, here’s an addition $50 10.3 helicopter, Turkish version. Like McSecuse me?

And just because you enjoy playing lower tiers where there arent apparent issues, means that I who enjoys playing higher tiers should just suck it up because your gameplay isn’t impacted? Wow aren’t you an ass.

Oh yeah I should specify “reinforce lineups from 1.3 to 10.3”. The rest of points still stands. And yeah you still are cherrypicking stuff that are not suit to your liking.

Just add the 44M Tas and the Hungarian Tiger I. Problem solved.

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Japan bought the Tiger, Panther D and panzer III but it never reach Japan because transporting such verhicles over sea against allied sea and airpower is become impossible.

Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AAik7LXwhM.

Reinforce lineups from 1.3-10.3? The KF41 is 10.7 with many arguing it shouldn’t be that high. Cherry-picking? No. Cherry-picking would be looking at the US and Israeli F-16 models, and seeing the text that says “United States Air Force Serial Num.: 0000-0000-0000” complaining about the obvious copy-paste of vehicle textures. Complaining about a core mechanic that is central to the play and function of a vehicle is not cherry-picking. This is like having a vehicle with smoke countermeasures, except they don’t deploy.
But back to reinforcing lineups, adding Italian vehicles that are missing for the game that had prototypes actually built and tested, should be added, as these would literally bolster the lineups from 1.3-11+. Where is the flamethrower variant of the L3/33, among a fairly large list of Italian vehicles that are actually Italian, and would greatly bolster Italy at most BRs? This isn’t cherry-picking, it is complaining as a player, because I want to see these things implemented and want a game that works as intended. Because I believe Gaijin Entertainment can do better.
Additionally, 8.0+ BR for Italy is even more compressed thanks to the recent rearrangement of the Centauros. I had a nice solid 8.7, 9.0, and 9.3 lineups, but now it’s even more compressed. The topic for BR compression is a whole other thread on its own.

you are winding yourself up, making less and less sense.
One hungarian vehicle is maybe too high in BR among all added? There dozens like that in game, every country. Italy missing some prototypes? They will be added just like plenty of them were already, grow some patience. BR is compressed? Sure is for everybody, but is also decompressing, bit by bit. And your proposition to add a flamethrower tank that can only kill open tops? Idk man, I would actually like to play tanks that can kill other tanks, but maybe that is just my opinion.
get some air and get some perspective.

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The Heavy No.6 is a tank designation of what Japan calls the tank.
Heavy Tank Number 6
It is not fake, by no means it is a mixture of 2 Tiger tanks. One of the turret and one of the hull.
Japan purchased several, from Panthers to Panzer III’s, Panzer IV’s, to 1 Tiger.
While they were meant to go to Japan, they realized the weight would have been too much and bogged down in the terrains it wasn’t designed for. So research was done and that is why shelved designs such as the Type-4 Chi-To, Type-5 Chi-Ri I, II, Type-3 Chi-Nu I, II, Ho-NI III, Ho-Ro, Ho-Ru, Ho-Ri’s(in the earliest states), etc were being produced as fast as possible. This is thanks to the data they gained from purchasing the license of the said vehicles which makes them the legal owners of the ones they were given.

So you are in the wrong in this case. Just because a vehicle wasn’t in Japan does not change the basic understanding that Japan owned that said Tiger tank nor any of the other vehicles I stated which are not in game at this time.