Heavy tanks please

italy needs a heavy tank like Tiger I or P88,the last one already have in the world of tanks game

Italian dont received Tiger I and the P88’s project has been stopped at blueprint stage…

Blueprint stage or fantasy projects are suffiscent for WG but not for GJ.


so why japan have a premium tiger I?


It’s a bit far-fetched, but basically the Japanese bought a Tiger in 1943 and in 1944, just as it was due to be shipped to Japan (by uboot) the Allies landed in Normandy and Japan “leased” it to the Germans (or the machine was “requisitioned”) and it was destroyed … somewhere in France.

So, “technically” and “legally”, the Japanese owned a Tiger I.

The Italians had NO Tiger I, they were all part of German units.

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The solution to Italy’s heavy tank problem is simple:

  1. Add the Hungarian 44M Tas heavy tank, my suggestion for it is here if you want to support it: https://forum.warthunder.com/t/the-best-ww2-tank-ever-made-by-a-minor-nation-hungarys-44m-tas/22926

  2. Add a Hungarian Tiger I, Hungary actually operated 13-15 of these tanks during WW2, unlike Italy or Japan.


Time to change this then.

yeah,now that they are releasing the Hungary sub-tree this will be a great addition

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It was already passed onto the developers:

It is stated in this thread:
“German sources states that the Italian crews started training already in Sicily together with the 504th Abteilung, this part was a very basic training done on a Tiger tank while being static, after that the Italian Crews were sent to Germany to proceed with training.
We know that the Italian Crews were still doing basic training at the 15th of May when they left for Paderborn (Sennlager) with the aim of finishing their training.
Not much is known about what would have been the destination of the Italian crews when they would have received the Tiger tanks, but many of the protagonists of the story tell that they would have been attached to the Centauro division that had already received other German vehicles (Pz. III, Pz. IV and Stug III).”

To me it is a better claim than Japan buying one and never receiving it.

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I think both Japan and Italy’s claims to the Tiger I are poor (honestly I don’t know why the HT no.6 is even in the game because it’s literally fake and Gaijin are very pedantic about historical accuracy). Hungary actually used 13-15 Tiger Is, with some of their most famous tank aces operating them. They were used in combat quite a lot, and this is much better than a country buying and never receiving a tank, or another country training a crew for the tank. Considering Hungary is now Italy’s subtree it would make the most sense to add a Hungarian Tiger to the subtree, that way Italy players can use a Tiger.

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so if you look up if Japan had a tiger one was bought alongside a panther(no clue what model) and 3 Pz III’s but only the Pz III’s were delivered, supposedly it was destroyed at port by the Allies before it could be loaded on a transport, for the panther i have no clue where that ended up

“Technically” and “Legally” New Zealand owned F-16s, give them to GB?

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