Heavy tanks please

The vehicle was more than a blueprint… if you want to argument, take something about the context. Prototype builded and tested is an other thing.


I know you were talking about Japan, which is why I made the comment regarding Japan’s tiger. I invest time and money in this game like the majority of those who play it, thus have a right to complain about things I am not happy with. Indeed the KF41 does not work properly. No not in an argument of “hurr durr let me leak info to prove a point”, but in the aspect of in game it just does not work and needs to be fixed. They added a bunch of non-Italian, Hungarian vehicles as opposed to having added some of the many Italian vehicles that would greatly improve the tech tree. Italy is heavily compressed. Don’t even get me started on Italian helicopters where they didn’t even put the Hungarian helicopters in their own branch, which is fucked. Oh the A-129 International had all of this different armarment? Nah, here’s an addition $50 10.3 helicopter, Turkish version. Like McSecuse me?

And just because you enjoy playing lower tiers where there arent apparent issues, means that I who enjoys playing higher tiers should just suck it up because your gameplay isn’t impacted? Wow aren’t you an ass.

Oh yeah I should specify “reinforce lineups from 1.3 to 10.3”. The rest of points still stands. And yeah you still are cherrypicking stuff that are not suit to your liking.

Just add the 44M Tas and the Hungarian Tiger I. Problem solved.

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Japan bought the Tiger, Panther D and panzer III but it never reach Japan because transporting such verhicles over sea against allied sea and airpower is become impossible.

Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AAik7LXwhM.

Reinforce lineups from 1.3-10.3? The KF41 is 10.7 with many arguing it shouldn’t be that high. Cherry-picking? No. Cherry-picking would be looking at the US and Israeli F-16 models, and seeing the text that says “United States Air Force Serial Num.: 0000-0000-0000” complaining about the obvious copy-paste of vehicle textures. Complaining about a core mechanic that is central to the play and function of a vehicle is not cherry-picking. This is like having a vehicle with smoke countermeasures, except they don’t deploy.
But back to reinforcing lineups, adding Italian vehicles that are missing for the game that had prototypes actually built and tested, should be added, as these would literally bolster the lineups from 1.3-11+. Where is the flamethrower variant of the L3/33, among a fairly large list of Italian vehicles that are actually Italian, and would greatly bolster Italy at most BRs? This isn’t cherry-picking, it is complaining as a player, because I want to see these things implemented and want a game that works as intended. Because I believe Gaijin Entertainment can do better.
Additionally, 8.0+ BR for Italy is even more compressed thanks to the recent rearrangement of the Centauros. I had a nice solid 8.7, 9.0, and 9.3 lineups, but now it’s even more compressed. The topic for BR compression is a whole other thread on its own.

you are winding yourself up, making less and less sense.
One hungarian vehicle is maybe too high in BR among all added? There dozens like that in game, every country. Italy missing some prototypes? They will be added just like plenty of them were already, grow some patience. BR is compressed? Sure is for everybody, but is also decompressing, bit by bit. And your proposition to add a flamethrower tank that can only kill open tops? Idk man, I would actually like to play tanks that can kill other tanks, but maybe that is just my opinion.
get some air and get some perspective.

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The Heavy No.6 is a tank designation of what Japan calls the tank.
Heavy Tank Number 6
It is not fake, by no means it is a mixture of 2 Tiger tanks. One of the turret and one of the hull.
Japan purchased several, from Panthers to Panzer III’s, Panzer IV’s, to 1 Tiger.
While they were meant to go to Japan, they realized the weight would have been too much and bogged down in the terrains it wasn’t designed for. So research was done and that is why shelved designs such as the Type-4 Chi-To, Type-5 Chi-Ri I, II, Type-3 Chi-Nu I, II, Ho-NI III, Ho-Ro, Ho-Ru, Ho-Ri’s(in the earliest states), etc were being produced as fast as possible. This is thanks to the data they gained from purchasing the license of the said vehicles which makes them the legal owners of the ones they were given.

So you are in the wrong in this case. Just because a vehicle wasn’t in Japan does not change the basic understanding that Japan owned that said Tiger tank nor any of the other vehicles I stated which are not in game at this time.

It would have also not served very well in the way Japan would have utilized them. Since there just too heavy.

The Objekt 775 and Objekt 775T both existed and ran on there own power and performed poorly in trials. So your right about it.

I think Japan is already in defence by the time they want to buy it and the Tiger and Panther would suitable for the defence of Japan and they islands.

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They wouldn’t. The Tiger and Panther were too heavy for their terrain and would only bog down this was one of the reasons why Japan didn’t bring them to their own country. However did study the vehicles which is why many later Japanese designs were very much influenced by German, or even Russian from the limited vehicles they obtained.

The Chi-To is not one of them though as this was already being designed in 1942 and was shelved but the data results did unshelf the vehicle for production.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AAik7LXwhM. Here is the proof.

Ah yes, give me a Mark Felton video one that doesn’t provide many sources to back his claims. Another makes assumptions that are most certainly wrong since No Tiger, Panther, Panzer IV, or any other German vehicle they acquired was ever shipped to mainland Japan. As I stated were too damn heavy.

You statement is zero because you have nothing to proof at all.

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Your claim to a Tiger and Panther would suit the Japanese doctrines they would use if Operation Downfall was given the green light to commence.

The Type-4 Chi-To and Type-5 Chi-Ri weigh anywhere between 30 to 37 tonnes while the Tiger I weigh 54-57 and the Panther weighs 44.8 tonnes. Twice or 3 times the weight that soft terrain due to it being very moist could handle.

By all means keep telling me I don’t make sense for doing a basic understanding of how very wet mud, and sand work. Or are you not aware that the primary cause for German equipment in WW2 that was abandoned was because of these faulters?

The developers continue to amaze me and many others as to the glaring inaccuracies and just bad overall quality of work. They gave the KF41 AHEAD, which the mechanic of which is not implemented so the belts are completely useless, and pointless because they actually do nothing. So why is it in the game?
Why are Hungarian helicopters not in their own branch?
BR compression is an issue, and there are already posts here and on the subreddit regarding the issues in higher detail.
Decompressing bit by bit? Where? Not 9.0+ Italy.
You say my proposition for the flamethrower L3/33 is pointless because it can’t fire rounds, yet the KF41 gets AHEAD belts, a mechanic not even implemented thus adding rounds that literally do not do anything, to a 10.7 br vehicle. So I see your point as invalid, beside we are talking about something that would be added to 1.0 br, where there are open top vehicles, it being small, has the chances of still killing something.
How’s about you don’t tell me what to do and keep that shit to yourself. Not my fault you can’t read what I wrote, and that you are cherry picking what I have said. Grow some patience, you’re funny. That grows shorter and shorter with the increasing volume of lazy work that makes it to the live server.

Man you winded up again and for what reason. You clearly cant see a wider picture outside of what you want and you think is best. I already talked about KF, go reread that, but it is funny you are complaining about one vehicle being unusuable due to negligence and you propose another one being unusuable by default. It can kill open tops? Great, how many of them you gonna see before a regular tank returns you to hangar? The demand is so out of touch and you still trying to defend it lol.

Im pretty sure at least 2-3 9.0+ italian tanks werent raised up but whats more important you clearly cant see there is world outside of what you play. A lot of vehicles were decompressed and are better to play but you are not gonna see that and whine anyway. Oh and heli change is good imo, giving better progression bonuses from much more efficient hungarian helis.

Again, get some perspective

Well Italy mains finally got their wish, they now have a premium Hungarian tiger

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