Harrier's problem

my question is, why british harrier with no amraams, with worse engine, with worse guns, less countermeasures and no radar is same grb br as a new us harrier. Have gaijin never considered those things when balancing grb br’s?

Gaijin considering? Balancing?

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They both fire AGM-65Gs and laser GBUs.
Effectively identical in ground RB.

British harrier gr7 can carry up to 4 agm65g, 4 aim9m, and 640 countermeasures.

The 25mm adens work pretty decently in my experience

Can’t they add BOL pods to the US one, even if it was never used/tested all the stuff is standardized.

That would open too many cans of worms of people begging for compatible weaponry.

I swore the brit one got 120

BOL pods aren’t exactly game breaking and it’s unfair the shar fa 2 gets more than 2x as many CM and same missiles as av8b+ at same br

Yeah they added sea harrier FA 2 which has amraams

Gaijin would sooner reduce it’s BR than make the unpopular choice of giving it a fictional loadout. These are two different jets with loadouts and upgrades added by two separate nations. The last thing we need is making them the same for balance. Not every harrier is equal and it should stay that way. This harrier will do just fine in GRB where it belongs.