Guide on me

I have no idea what the criteria is for it, but yeah, not everything has sas mode. Javelin got it last major update.

In the British tree. Basically everything above 9.0 has SAS except for the Hunters. Inversely the sea vixen and javelin have SAS mode.

Try adjusting your nonlinearity setting. Think of nonlinearity as a virtual stick extension. It de-sensitizes the beginning of the axis curve so your stick isn’t as reactive. Start with a setting of 1.5 or so and adjust from there.

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TBH it the way i am using my p51d20na, it does not like going below 400kph on them AI bombers that go in slow circles, i was using it a lot before sim, but my 1st love is spits so i am tempeted to give that a go but i dont want to keep swapin

Just be aware that the Spitfires are probably the hardest planes to fly in War Thunder Sim. It’s the one plane I actually keep a separate control profile for, that has reduced sensitivity and more nonlinearity than my normal settings.

Even with that, the Spits will take a lot of practice to handle.

I have read this before by other players maybe, i read its very floaty

Yea. One micro deflection of the pitch axis sends the nose into the stratosphere. It’s a weird FM to say the least.

People think they are turn fighters but In the early days upto mk5 they was racing planes fitted with guns and not very stable

I don’t know if you’re into Bf-109’s, but they’re a great plane to introduce players to sim. Nice FM, and nice guns to land easy kills.

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And that is the main reason I’ve not gotten into props yet. Main prop aircraft I’d want to fly 🤣

Such a lovely plane. It must be nice that Germany gets the 109 A/B now. We used to have to suffer until finally unlocking the 109 E’s.

IMO, early props are also the most balanced gameplay you can find in War Thunder. 😉

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Yeah, I need to master the props more. Particularly the spits. Though I feel I want to get rudder pedals first.

Though did put 1500 7.7mm rounds into a Yak and didn’t down it…only kinda annoying thing about the much lower BRs

Ive been messing with the LF MK9 in test flight. I swapped yaw and roll and then i put them boh on same axis with half roll to yaw and you can throw it around with out going into a flat spin. Idk why gaijin has made it so crap concidering its performance is not much differnt to a p51 in real life, just a bit slower

I think they were known to be harder to fly IRL. But that is an interesting control set up, might have steal and test that myself

It was unstable in real life compared to others but gaijin have exaggerated it, which i think is a but naughty.
My little test flight is worth trying it will give players an understanding of what is going on. I think it really needs pedals to fly really well though as its very yaw dependent and will give your legs a good work out while you play 😆

of course. Its british.

Yeah, i somewhat came to the same conclusion, may get some this year, at which point, id start playing a lot more props. But I have started to flying without SAS Damping to get better at trim management and the general instablity that comes with that, When I do get into props properly. Gunna start with something like the Typhoon or Hurricane, heard they are a lot easier to fly.

Though if we get a bomber Mosquitto. Gunna be in that all day long

Onde you get your control settings set its pretty essy to fly

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Yeah, That is the other thing I need to do, if/when I want to get into props properly. Spend a good few hours in test flight, fine tuning the settings for the aircraft I want to fly, rather than the mostly default control set-up i’ve been using succesfully for quite a while for jets.

How does bombing work, what are the green dots on each corner of runway?

It’s this

Airfields can be damaged and each module has an affect. They change colour depending on damage.

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I knew there was something to do with buildings, quite clever i like that