Ground battle also not only ground combined battle

  • Yes
  • Yes, because i better prefer fight with ground units against ground units
  • No
  • No, because i am a pilot in ground battle.

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I belive not i am the only one who hate planes hellis(especially on 8.0 BR) on ground battles. I belive it will be more skill based, if ground vehicles vs ground vehicles play, without air support. From this i created a table for a possible new game mods which not modify the current one just expand it with extra with possibility.

But do not afraid this idea, it will not delete current ground game mod, just create some new ones next to the current one.

Yes because if gaijin will make ground only mode, there will no more “CAS is OP” topics. But this modes should have separate BRs because without CAS some wehicles can become more effective.

B.R. of ground vechicles are decided upon how vechicle fights against ground units, otherwise open-tops would be on 1.0

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SPAA users quality not the best, moreover players use it in small number, not to talk most of them opened which always killed by fighters planes before able to hit or shot down one plane so they are useless. The figure is not true fully.

Thats not problem of system.

Still not problem of system.

Airplanes are also made out of paper


Oh boy, here we go again.

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It literally is a problem of a system.

How do you expect ‘system’ to function if parts of it are not working at all?

Players like you not understanding the system are problem. System is fine.

As I said in other topic. In WT rock (air) is the only way to reliably defeat rock. Others (scissors and paper) can’t do much to rock.

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Follow the arrows


Which are wrong in case of WT.

This is how it looks in WT as rock is air.


Except warthunder is team game. So while you have rock, your team mate can be scissors so he can kill paper while you deal with scissors of other team that wont kill him. Dude its super simple I dont understand how you can fail at kids game.

It’s really not.

Especially in top tier, where F-16 is both fighter and CAS, and also eats SPAA for breakfast.

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You should suffer for playing top tier so everything is fine.

And we have a bingo!

Good to know that You don’t understand the whole topic.


I should suffer because I enjoy sexy Leopards, okay then

You are just getting desperate because you fail at kids game.