Gonna be Honest, i think the TK Limit needs to be a LITTLE Higher than just 2

ESPECIALLY when you are dropping a 12k Bomb from a Lancaster and your team is dumb enough to just keep rushing enemy positions as you come in to bomb.

Like at that point they are just Collateral damage. If i get 4-5 Kills with a Bomb, and kill a couple friendlies who were too close to the blast, what’s the issue? ESPECIALLY with the apology system in place now.

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With great power comes great… you know.


Nah 2 is fine.

1 TK is an accident, 2 is either on purpose, or due to poor play.

Just don’t drop bombs if teammates are there. There is an issue if you kill 2 teammates with a bomb, just pay better attention to where they are.


you DO realize how big the Blast radius is on the 12k right?

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^ Pretty much that

The other issue is that it would be taken advantage of, and also players would start to care less about being more careful


Yes I do, but be more careful. It is your fault if you tk using a bomb.

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Who uses a 12k bomb in a CAS situation?!? Or any strategic bomber at all?

The Blues on the ground need support, not wholesale annihilation…


Now that’s quite a bald statement when half of the russian players spam their PE-8 at basically any BR.


Now I do agree that teams can be quite stupid and not look at the chat when you’re saying where you’re going to bomb.
However, it’s a tank game. Play a tank, use smaller bombs or don’t complain when you get banned for TK.

Why? Did I in any way claim that I find this reasonable? I hate it there just as well, and always roll my eyes at “strategic bomber close air support”…

Same here, but saying “who uses a strategic bomber” … well quite a lot of people, and it’s very annoying especially since only two nations got mini nukes


Most big bombs I got on top of my tank by friendly bombers where useless … just to kill the guy in front of me. But the best thing always happens is the rude way to react when I’m not amused about what happened.
When there are 4-5 tanks around me and It is important for the outcome of battle I don’t care.
For me it should be reconsidered if those bomb sizes are really useful for ground battles.

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I say too, that two are more than enough.
As a bomber you have the duty to see where you are bombing and it isn’t to much to ask to say “Hey I’ve dropped a Bomb on A so be careful”
I mean teamkilling with a bomb is quite rare I would say.


Even then, you have to assume the players down there in the trenches are very occupied with the tanks you are trying to “nuke” and don’t expect to have the Heavens fall onto their heads…

It’s all in the name, CAS:

Close: Means the enemy is close to you, which also makes it necessary for the supporting aircraft to be mindful of potential collateral damage
Air: Yes, the support comes from the air
Support: Means the aircraft should HELP you, not be a problem or even a danger to you

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That is true, you can’t do anything if your team runs blindly into the blast radius.
And of course, it is also hard to “calculate” the blast radius, at least for me, I am horrible at this.

Maybe a “Bomb” Marker would be cool like you drop the bomb and a marker appears for the teammates showing if they are in the blast radius?

Eh, game still just incentivizes cap rushing and spawning a Pe-8 to ruin the entire game 3 minutes in, doesn’t help the bombs damage radius is a joke and passes through buildings and entire mountains as if they’re not there… start fixing that first instead of blaming people for a TK.

if you kill 2 or more teammates with the 12k bomb you should be expelled from the match.

Guy wants the ability to take out the whole team then write ooops ? in chat XD 2 is fine lol

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A thing of beauty when we can get 2-3 going at the same time ;-)

(but have made a few mistakes and received the 2 TK boot)