Gonna be Honest, i think the TK Limit needs to be a LITTLE Higher than just 2

You play a frontline bomber do you expect your teammate is watching the scoreboard to see which verhicle you are respawn. Everybody playing on GRB are concentrating on ground in front of them and if you drop the 12k bomb in front of them you expect teamdamage and kill your teammate and is not supporting them.

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if the limit goes up, i want the penalty trippled aswell (atleast).

Oh yeah, and the RP should be deducted aswell.

Far to many clueless clowns are sprinkling bombs left and right.

Taking “tank plinking” to whole new level with 12,000lb bomb…

Lmao or you can just get good and not carpet bomb tanks fighting in close quarters

Our squad routinely uses PE-8s and they tend to win the battle for the team. When we take out 4-7 of the enemy, positive comments from our side and some nasty comments from the other end. When setting up runs, getting input from other squad members on the ground for best placement.

In naval its 1 friendly fire kill (ship vs aircraft or aircraft vs ship; against the same type it’s disabled, same as ground), and you’re insta-kicked back to hangar, no chance to apologize. Don’t like that part, personally, but ground does have it easier. Only reason it should even be two is so you can say “sorry” on your first honest mistake.

Ricky Roma said it best:


Meanwhile the A-10 (to the British): Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I’m willing to make.


But big badaboom!

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I’m very familiar with that sad case, and yes, of course Blue on Blue can happen no matter at what scope.

But, they used the Warthogs in those CAS situations in the Gulf, not the BUFF’s, for obvious reasons, right?

I just think that in WT we should try to use the proper tool for the proper job, and not a sledgehammer to crack an egg…

Bobm >:)

IF you your bomb is TKing teammates then you are the one who doesnt know.

bro I sure hope you have enough courtesy to tell them what you doing cause if I see a giant bomber just randomly dropping on teammates to kill 1 tank I will be the pilot that shoots you down …however if you telling them and they dont listen it could be they dont speak english and I wont shoot you down