Give the whole tech rank to Premiums

Not if its locked untill they have all the lower ranks, so if they want rank 8 they can again purchase the corresponding premium

More spawns means shorter matches ?

How about giving premiums free backups? I know that isn’t gonna sit right with some people but it’s definitely an option.

Edit: I mean an infinite amount.

I may of misunderstood you, i thought you said if they increased SP cost, but you say remove SP limitations i think

Premiums do come with free backups now. My A-5C came with 20 of them.

You do get some and you often win them

Nah I mean an infinite amount until they have a sufficient amount of TT tanks (or even beyond that)

Some might abuse it and keep spawning vidars i guess

I just came in this Thread, read 1st post:

“PLEASE STOP WITH STUPID IDEAS,…” → my 1st thought

“Doing that only will give a techtree for the cheapest premium vehicule of each ranks” → 2nd thought

"People relly should stop complainning and start working on true solutions, like limiting access to high ranks premium vehicules when new to the game, by adding some rules about having to unlock :
Rank 2 in TT → Rank4 premium side
Rank 3 TT → rank5 premium side

And that’s it,… people would have Line up for it.

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Then make them learn,… instead of giving them all TT’s,…

I’d say 1 week with the premium benefits would be nice, like a test drive

Current rentals are 1/4/12hours i never seen rentals of more than.

And even there → i’m not agreeing to this BS,… be rental or not,…

Gaijin are not going to stop selling premiums full stop, not going to happen
If someone buys rank 2 premium they only get rank 2 tt not even rank 1 tt, they still have to grind reserves, if they buy rank 8 premium they only get rank 8 tt and still have to grind reserves.

Because at the moment they only have a premium they are just bouncing from match to match ODL or they may use a backup’s, but still not doing much for the team and not learning znything. If they have a line up with there premium they are not going to bounce around and will also learn about differnt classes of tanks.

with remove SP increase I mean that spawning a second time (with the same vehicle or same vehicle category) the SP is doubled.
Also remove spawn limit ( normal spawn + backup ) and I guess that ODL will be reduced, CAS too ( maybe ), matches will be longer.

But of course players will complain that it will lead noobs and bots to just press W the whole match with 0-10 scores

ODL happens because of one of two things:
1.) Tilt
2.) Lack of a lineup/backups

Giving premium vehicles an unlimited supply of backups would solve this issue permanently. Normal rules would still apply, 2x max spawn per vehicle in GRB.

Unfortunately nothing going to happen - afaik Gaijin never accepts or implements any Suggestion except for Vehicles. About all else nothing is going to happen or being changed.

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Im glad someone has finally said that

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This is the second worst idea I’ve come across today. The worst being the removal of roof mounted MGs, but I digress.

This would cause some huge issues that would be arguably worse than ODL. Giving players whatever rank came with a premium would destroy progression. It would allow those new players to get roflstomped by experienced players even harder and make them probably leave the game for good instead of learning and progressing. You’d have experienced players dropping nukes nonstop because of the flood of new cannon fodder. Gameplay quality would deteriorate by a large margin as players with no understanding of the game mechanics attempt to play the vehicles where knowledge of the game mechanics becomes the most important. Yea, I’ll take the ODL, please.

That is great you’ve grinded above your premiums, now you could stomp new people that buy into that rank, doesn’t sound like an alterior motive or anything.

CAS isn’t really an issue, but is unrelated to this so I’ll leave it at that.

The vehicle import slot won’t work with the matchmaker as it stands. Hard to collect players by nation and team them up when they now have two nations in their lineup. That would more than likely mean teams of all random nations playing against teams of all random nations, so say goodbye to any semblence of coherant games
where nation represented means certain capabilities. Something I can definitely imagine a US player needs is a T-90M, Pantsir, BMP-2M, 2S38, ect in their lineup. Wouldn’t be a good idea because of aircraft too, US player with the Mig-29 or Su-27. Plus you’re ruining what makes people progress other trees for, different experinces because of advantages and limitations.

I dont agree with majority if your post and i actully believ you underestimate the ability of new players. As for imports, it would be under your nations flag that you import it to and be limited to common tanks that were all ready exports, thats just a side idea

But to answer the OG Post i think they should just put 2 Vehicles into one Pack/Bundle instead of one.

For that price it should be kinda expected - 65€ for a single Vehicle is beyond ridicilous.
You can get newly released AAA-Game for that amount or less like Elden Ring / Cyberpunk / Tekken 8 / Red Dead 2 et cetera.

This would both increase the value of it and lets people who buy themself to 10BR at least spawn two Vehicles. For example getting M1 KVT + Wolfpack, TURMS+2S38 in one Pack for the 65€.

However it wouldn’t fix ODL - theres still many issues which would need to be adressed.
One are the things frustrating the hell out of people about which many people have now made suggestions about and critized like the Map Rotation, the Maps themself, lack of any new things like Side Objectives inside Matches or new Gamemode for Tanks, +1 Uptiers, no Teamplay and so on.

And then they would still be people ODL because those are the ones who do it by impulse and can’t handle being killed and for those they would have to implement a System detecting people who continue doing it and then temporarily ban and forfeit all Rewards for leaving early which is quite common in other Games.

For the Imports im not sure - i think for the Arcade Mode it could be made a possibilty to field Vehicles of all Nations into one Line Up.

However all of this requires work, has been suggested and talked about millions of times for years and nothing happened. As said before Gaijin unfortunately doesn’t accept nor implements any suggestion or change which isn’t about adding or altering Vehicles.