Give the whole tech rank to Premiums

That is so funny, so while new players have premiums they lower its win rate but gaijin puts there BR’s up anyway

It will cut down on new players ODL, but experienced players wont die so easy

You say that as if new players wont be matched against new players and they will only purchase x premium for certain nation and not from other nation, so would it not even out?

I’ll add my input here because i like the concept, but not the execution you suggested.
Heres what i like and dislike about your idea:
Less ODL players
Better revenue for gaijin
More variety for low level premium buyers
Defeats the purpose of grinding, as if you buy a rank 7 premium, you have barely anything to look forward too
More low level players at top tier (free kills, dead weight to their teams)

So overall the concept is good in intent, but not perfect.

So how to fix it?

  1. Instead of an entire rank, a small subset of vehicles, pre selected to not detract from the tech tree.
  2. Similar system to war thunder mobile, with unique vehicles together (ie for USA high tier, m1a1 clickbait, roland with visual changes, m1IP with cosmetic changes, and some light tank.)
    Generally just not entirely unique copy-paste visual changes to go with your premium.

So instead of grinding given rank they can basically buy their way into it?
Why grind the tech tree at all if you can just buy one premium for each avaible rank?
Premiums already buy your way into it and allows players with zero idea of gameplay to be a dead link in the team.
Giving them more tanks to spawn in wont change much at all.

They killed the game themselves, the premiun should be max tier 4-5 and be able to grind everything upwards.

In the long run the game will lose because there is no incentive to rank up, worse and worse games and Beta tanks

Why not make it like with the M-51 from Israel, have 3 Spawns even in G-RB. But make it with sense. If you have only one Vehicle on a Rank, you can spawn this vehicle 3 times (Only for Ground on Ground and Air on Air). If you have 2 Vehicles on a Rank this feature is gone. This will also help if you grind a new tree so you will be able to play it and don’t need to wait until yu researched 3 or so vehicles.

This thread is a prime example of community “Helpers” not being helpful at all. More like “community apologists for the status-quo”

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Or they could remove the spawn limitation and the sp increase 💁‍♀️

A few thoughts on what I am reading here.

First of all, someone being able to buy their way into a desired tier (top tier) with a premium is a GOOD thing. I say this because if I had just discovered War Thunder today, and you told me that in order to play in some modern tanks/planesI have to spend months playing through the WW2 era, I simply wouldn’t bother.

Also, when it comes to ODL. I feel like the solution is actually pretty straightforward, but the problem is how it could ultimately affect the economy and rate of progression.

The solution would be to allow single vehicle line ups to behave in the exact same way as the Israeli
M-51, allowing 3 spawns per match, provided enough SP has been earnt.

Combine this with a new “fought to the end of a round” bonus win or lose, and I think you could start to see less of the ODL problem.

I don’t know, what do you think?

I think matchies would end a lot faster than what they do now

I dont know about this tank, thinking about it they could turn back ups into a 2 or 3 spawn abilty for a unit that it is used on

If the person dies in the premium with zero kills, this will hand the red team spawn points. If the player repeats this several times, he will allow several CAS strikes against blue team. Not sure if this is good.

Welcome to the WT lemming train, very popular

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they should have never introduced “squadronvehicles/ 11.3 premiums”
highest should have been like 6.7 because after this br the gameplay changes for the most nations getting acces to faster tanks with less armor and better ammo

But gaijin and there infinit wisdom

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There is definitely a learning curve with WT

Bro, if you do not have any vehicle on the TT before, you will not be able to research any vehicles using the given TT ones alongside with the pack. So the idea doesn’t really make any sense.

The idea is you still have to gring from rank 1 , you are given the corresponding TT for said premium, thus you can produce a line up with your premium. It may lead to players buying a whole nation, but will alleviate an issue and increase revenue for Gaijin, win win. If you buy several premiums at rank it wont matter

A counter argument here though. Without that infusion, top tier sorta dies. There isn’t enough people who want to spend their lives working towards an imaginary top tier vehicle to keep matches alive. This game requires more investment than 90% of the games on the market. It’s not really gotten much better in the recent years.

Having new players for me to grind out RP and SL on is sorta nice. My F-16C with two AIM-9Ls SUCKS when I’m fighting up against knowledgeable people in SU-27 and MiG-29s, or far worse F-16Cs which are spaded. Now that we are up and away from 11.3 (why didn’t I grind harder a month ago!) The air is a lot thinner.

Premiums help infuse new users into an area which most will give up before they get there. There’s a reason 0.40% of people have the award for winning 100 rank 8 matches (got it).