Give the whole tech rank to Premiums

Due to a couple of major issues of the day CAS and ODL and Premiuns being 1 of the major contributers.
I wouid like to suggest that gaijin gives the whoie rank that a purchased premium sits at. This will allow new players who have purchased premiums to spawn a line up containing if they are fortunate SPAA and other vehicles. May even increase premium sales. Win win chicken dinner. Or just unlock the corresponding rank, there is something that can be done

While i am at it, how about import slots, 1 at each rank for all nations that will allow players to import 1 vehicle from another nation to fill in tech gaps and promote more balance.

I wont affect me due to i have grinded above all my premiums

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You want people who buy a high rank premium to just get a dozen free TT vehicles?


Premium packs should come with a 1 month rental of the lineup of the premium tank they purchased, they can use these tanks and ace them in the meantime. It should help with premiums ODL’ing.


Yes, not every nation has a dozen TT at ranks

That could work while they have premium time with there packs

The whole point of a premium is for grinding. If you give people the vehicles already, you remove part of the point. Plus, what would you even count as a lineup? For example, the M4A1 (FL10). What would you get a rental of for that? France doesn’t have 4.7 lineup, so what would you get for that? If you say that vehicles without a lineup don’t get rentals for it, then you’ve made about 2/5 of the premiums ingame partially obsolete. And what about air premiums? Do they get rentals for their arcade lineups or for the ground lineups they act as CAS for?

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You would only be giving say a rank 5 premium all rank 5 vehicles, they would still have to grind all the below or put earned RP into the

Yes, but the point of premium is grinding through a tech tree. Take top tier premiums for an example. Top tier premiums are a problem because they allow brand new players with no top tier experience into top tier. If someone buys a rank 7 premium and gets all of rank 7, the problem has now gotten infinitely worse because a grand new player has gotten all of rank 7 and can now speed grind their way to rank 8. Just like that, you’ve destroyed the matchmaker even more than top tier premiums and the new event cycle already has.

Well these rentals don’t have premium rewards nor do they help grind lower ranks but they give players the ability to stay in the game and get a feel for top tier, they are also stock so they could grind some RP by acing them.

Not really, because they can ODL and ruin the next match or use a back up, or stay there for even longer with a full line up and learn a bit more about other units, so in some respects its even a learning tool

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Yes but you’ve created an issue where they still destroy the matchmaker and buy owning an entire rank of rentals, that satisfies the requirement to unlock the next rank and then they can grind that and actually keep that permentantly, thereby destroying the matchmaker even further.

It’s a learning tool in the same way top tier premiums are, i.e. still destroying the matchmaker.

How is it destroying the matchmaker?

If you give a brand new player access to top tier, it destroys the matchmaker. Suddenly, a player with no top tier experience has access to it and when that happens en mass, it destroys the matchmaker. This is already the problem with top tier premiums and top tier event vehicles. Your suggestion has just made the issue worse.

You won’t have these tanks once the rental runs out, I don’t understand how it would destroy the matchmaker. They could also impose limitations as to how many rentals you get, for example the M1A1 Click bait could come with 3 rentals, the base M1A1, Stryker and LAV-AD.

When a bunch of brand new players have access to top tier it destroys the matchmaker because it tanks that nation’s winrate at that tier due to everyone having no clue what they’re doing. This suggestion just does that en mass for everyone.

The issue with ODL is not not having lineup tho. People would just ODL even if they have lineup simply cause they dont want to play anymore in that match. Or they just bring single tank they are griding,die go into next game,instead of using lineup.

But it is still much better than 1 person with 0 experience doing nothing and then leaving without a single kill or cap, it gives players a chance to keep fighting and being somewhat useful to their team.

They all ready have access with said premium, so happens next, they odl and ruin the next match. You could make it that while they have to grind lower ranks they can only use the TT with in a line up containing the premium

Yes, but the fundameental problem still exists of no one having any clue what they’re doing and tanking winrates.