Give the whole tech rank to Premiums

That’s fair. The reasoning behind what I said is that when I first tried Warthunder, I was lost playing the M3 Suarts and M3 GMC. I couldn’t figure out why I’d get one shot, why my shots weren’t penetrating, and rangefinding was pretty difficult too. I came from WoT so I knew armored warfare, but the difference in realism drove me away even though I wanted to play modern US armor. At that time I couldn’t even think about how out out of place I would be in an Abrams, and buying a premium to see would have been a waste of money. Even now I play my 10.0 premium Russian lineup and my 10.3/11.3 premium US lineup and feel I still don’t have quite enough experience to do the best even though I’ve hit 8.7 in US, 8.0 in Germany, and 6.7 in Russian ground. My most comfortable high br range is honestly 9.3 right now because I’m adjusting to thermals being present on most vehicles and the change in gameplay required because stealth is more easily lost. I know the mechanics well enough, but the pace with the more mobile vehicles, autocannons galore, thermals, helicopters, and missiles everywhere is still somewhat difficult to adjust to. I can’t see new players being successful at all if they go right into that.

So do you mean like lend lease vehicles? So a Russian player bringing a Sherman or something? I know they have alot of the lend lease stuff as premiums, but that would be a cool feature on some limited vehicles.

The idea of import slots is a bit more complicated, for example you have during ww2 the allies and the axis. Britian france and other members inported from the USA, thus you would only be able to inport from friendly nations, italy changed side during the war so they would change nations they can inport from early in there ranks. Now for cold war you have nato and warsaw pack and thus you can only import from friendly nation again.
Its just an idea to let players decided individually, to fill in missing iteams like SPAA, light tanks and some people have mentioned IFV’s and others vehicles they would like to see. Another aspect as the main 3 nations USA, Germany, USSR, basicly have everythng, you could limit imports from them.

So similar to lend lease, but any vehicle during a time they were allied, but wasn’t actually operated by the recieving nation?

Depends if you want to be historically correct. Its not set in stone, just an idea to give a bit of individuality