Give the JAS39A and JA37D AMRAAMs (Rb.99)

Doesn’t only the US have 16C? (as it should be)

Not everything is about America.

39Cs were added to every tree but Sweden. The 39A should have come with the F16A as it is comparable in every way except air to ground. The 39C for Sweden should have come when everyone else got 39Cs.

My bad, I read it as Sweden should have gotten the 39C when America got the F-16C as you said right before that that Sweden should have gotten the 39A when the US got the f16a, and I thought you were abbreviating F-16C with C

Itll be premium because we cant have nice things

Alternatively, you say adding a folder jet. Why not do that by moving the JA37C to 11.3 (w/ 9L’s and BOL) and adding a folder 11.0 version with the early weapons(current C loadout) —trees already have a higher BR before a lower BR one.

I say this because, from what I can tell, the majority wish to have both the JA37C and the JA37D this way.

  • Have a JA37D late with fox3, leaving the rest of the tree untouched
  • Adding a brand new 11.0, making the JA37C 11.3 w/ 9L’s and BOL, moving the JA37D to 12.3 with fox3
  • Adding a folder JA37C early (same loadout as the current JA37C), making the JA37C 11.3 w/ 9L’s and BOL, moving the JA37D to 12.3 with fox3 (described above)
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This way, everyone is happy;

  • people who want Rb99 on the viggen D as it should be
  • people who want an 11.3 Viggen
  • and a minority who want an 11.0 Viggen

Except it makes zero sense from a historical perspective as the Rb24J was essentially retired from the JA37C by the time we introduced countermeasures. Only thing I’d see work would be a JA37 Early with Rb24Js and no countermeasures but that would be both unfun to fly and fight.


Yeah and yet gaijin thought that would be fun when they first showed off the viggen remember?

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Kinda unrelated to this whole AMRAAM thing for the 37D but I somehow stumbled upon the JA 37D flight manual. My dad maybe suspected some stuff being classified but what do I know?

I am pretty sure it is public, at least, I am sure Avialogs would get into very much trouble for showing a manual for a classified aircraft. We have already used it on the bug site to argue for the Rb99, and the guy who changed its flight model used it, too.

That manual is missing a few chapters, specifically the ones marked “Hemlig” (meaning classified/secret) on the table of contents. The second or third page says the part we have is public.

I dont get it, why do you want A gripen lose those abilities and stay at 12.7?

afaik someone from gaijin said that its late model A thats why the HMD
and why remove rb74m?

JA37D is already fighting F15’s which is ridiculous, luckily players piloting the f15 arent much of a threat.

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Yup, I realized it after more careful reading. Stuff has been removed and it says higher up that it was declassified.

SFI part 1 has been public for a pretty long time. Part 3 is still classified to this day (Radar and avionics), likely due to similar feature-set to the JAS39.

How do we get the developers to see this? They clearly don’t want to acknowledge it since they deleted my other post that was a “suggestion”

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You just let gaijin do what they want thats really all we can do.

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