Give the JAS39A and JA37D AMRAAMs (Rb.99)

Since no one wants to read when I write things out properly, BULLET POINTS FOR WHY:

  • JAS-39C is the only top tier domestic Swedish jet that we will have for a VERY long time. It will probably get advanced missiles as new planes are added, ie Meteor/Python-5/IRIS-T. BR will likely increase as a result.

  • Filling out the gap in between Swedish top tier air BRs that is starting

  • If harriers can get AMRAAMs and be 13.0, Viggen D can do the same.

  • JAS39A having sparrows as its only long range weapon while being expected to face R-27ER, R-77, AIM-120, MICA, PL12, et. al is ridiculous.

  • Both planes could carry this weapon in real life


JAS-39A could not carry AMRAAMs, the entire raison-d’etre of the JAS-39C was to introduce ARH capability to the Gripen. I agree that the JA-37D should get AMRAAMs, in addition:

  • buff the JA-37C to take the current position of the JA-37D
  • introduce the J-35J to take the current position of the JA-37C

39A should have been added same time as F16A and 39C should have arrived when everyone else got Cs.

But they wanted to force us to grind more.


That’s not even remotely true the gripen carried AMRAAMs from the start the c model just added nato air to ground shit and in air refueling


I agree with your proposed additions, however the A variant Gripen was more than capable of carrying the Aim-120B (Rb.99) missile. If it wasn’t able to do so, it wouldn’t have been able to replace the D variant Gripen.




JAS39A couldn’t carry AMRAAMs? I thought it could


I think, while the J35J would be a cool addition I really think it should be more like
JA37C to where JA37D is right now, JA37D gets AMRAAMs, and JA37 should replace the spot of the JA37C (and get flares cause its a game its semi-historical)


It can


don’t you mean harriers at 12.0 with amraam

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i’de love a draken with BVR aim-4s

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It could carry AMRAAMs. The C variant is basically the NATO-Compatible version, it got new displays, the TI 237 and it got the ability to do air refueling.


We should 100% get more drakens. If im correct, there is a A 35 G Draken which can carry some nice ground poinding ordinance, which would be a a much better CAS option then AJ and AJS

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Yes it could. It was fully integrated on the JAS39A. JAS39C was meant for export, and hence advertised with AIM120 integration, but that does not mean JAS39A wasn’t. Even the previous generation JA37D had it.
It was first mounted on the JAS39A in 1994, 8-9 years before JAS39C even entered service. And the JAS39A was retired in 2012.



Hey look its my forum suggestion! Adding the J35J would also be a fantastic way to keep the progression linear from the J35D


JAS39A was also 1,000kg lighter than the JAS39C, the Gripen pilots referred to it as “Sport-JAS”, due to it being sportier and more manouverable. There’s not much surviving documentation on it though. FMV only lists 39C on their site nowadays


I also feel like they should rework the current JAS39A into the JAS39A Early by ex. removing the internal countermeasures and maybe getting rid of the guided bombs. It would be a pretty significant blow in performance but since we already have the JAS39C on offer it would help differentiate the vehicle a bit more.

Also worth mentioning that the first few modification packages didn’t feature the Rb99 as the missile wasn’t fully incorperated in service until ~1999-2000

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I believe it was fully integrated in 1995, and test fired for the first time by FMV in 1998. In 2002 it also received software updates

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When I mean “Fully integrated” I mean that every aircraft had been programmed to handle the RB99 missile. FMV did several tests on both the JA37 and JAS39 prototypes before the missile was accepted into service. But as a firing capability the JAS39A was quite literally stuck with only Rb74s until 1-2 years after introduction.

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Also JAS39A had internal countermeasures, although only 1 BOP/C from what I could find. Not sure about the BOL’s though. I’d imagine they were compatible by the time it retired in 2012


BOP/C earliest use evidence is in 2005. The JAS39A was planned to carry internal countermeasures from the very first prototype and mentions the capability, but you can’t find a single image of the 39A carrying the BOP/C dispenser before this.

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