Give P47 air spawn

This plane is almost useless these days with how short matches are in ARB. This plane absolutely needs alt to function, the matches are usually over by the time you climb to 4k.

Even a 0.5km air spawn would be helpful to make this plane worthwhile. Or give a 1km airspawn and bump the BR up 0.3 across the board.


No, the P47s are fine. learn to sideclimb and play the plane properly


This plane was always almost useless for most of their users, as P-47s actually require MEC know-how to use its full potential regarding performance, some knowledge about ACM / energy management / relative and absolute positioning vs enemies and a broad know-how about strengths and weaknesses of own and enemy planes. And patience, lots of it, because flown correctly it is quite boring to play.

Their current users are most of the time part of the problem of short matches. Sideclimbing is for girls, tough guys put full bombload below their P-47s and got cleaned up on their way to a base.

I do agree that P-47s were after the removal of the airspawn (yes, they had airspawn, just check the old forum) in the same disadvantage as every other real existing US fighter vs the Luftwaffe - enemy planes climb better and wt meta favors fast climbing planes.

You see something similar (just the other way around) with the J2Ms - absolutely ineffective in their purpose to kill B-29s and a real pain to fight in wt.

Seriously? After the average P-47 and P-51 C user dragged fully capable fighters low to BR 3.7 you are offering an increase of 0.3 in exchange for an airspawn??? Dude, both planes fought 1943 and 1944 mainly against 109 G-6s at BR-4.7 in wt…

Idk why you guys still think it was a good fighter.

Yes, Gregs’ Aviation Channel posted some years ago 8 vids about the P-47s - declaring them more or less as the ultimate combat machine. I mean i like his vids too, but he was way too patriotic in his view - there is a reason why the 8th AF had late war just 1 P-47 Fighter Group left, compared to 14 (?) P-51 groups. And range was not really a problem mid 1944.

Finally - if you struggle with the 3.7/4.3/4.7 P-47N - use the D-28 and D-30 versions, the climb is good and with smart MEC usage you can have quite easy success when playing them to their strengths.

P51C should be moved to 4.0
It has insane performance at 3.7
It is basically untouchable if you flight it correctly. It climbs and turns better than the P47-22 and has much higher speed than it, far better energy retention and dives nearly as well. The 4 .50 cals are perfectly adequate at that BR. I have 4 deaths and 20 kills in it so far…easily my best K/D of anything in the game.
I don’t think P51C needs airspawn, it climbs well enough.
P-47s are amazing if you get alt and have patience, the short matches have crippled their use.

we had this before - did not work out so nicely.
But that being said - if the TA-152 gets airspawn - why not the P47 :)

I want to say skill issue but then again, it’s kinda right, the plane need altitude, by the time you reached optimal altitude everyone from either team has been murdered, ig you just need to compromise and cap your alt at 3.200m - 4.300m.

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It’s mighty capable of climbing, play D-28 instead of D-22 or D-25.

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N-15 for me.
Get to 5.5k alt and enjoy :)
The same issue still exists tho as OP says.

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that plane can’t turn, not a fan of that lumbering piece of shit.

I don’t fly it much at all these days.

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P-47 is simply out of meta, 16v16 head on fiesta, half of the team diving just for one attacker that was spotted first, any many strong planes that dont care that you can go faster since they will climb better than you.
Side climb is not and option anymore since by the time you get to the optimum alt match is over either your team steamrolled enemys or its 1 v 6+. P-47 require slow matches that are rare.


Side climb.

I think you hit a valid point - but just for the Ta 152 C, not for the Ta 152 H version. The H versions were definitively designed as high-alt interceptor, but the C variants not.

So seeing the Ta 152 C designated as interceptor is just another episode of fantasy designations by gaijin. The same is valid for a hell of other planes which were definitively not interceptors, like F-82s, P-61s, Hornets or the Ki-102. All of them were no interceptors.

On the other hand gaijin refuses to give actual interceptors like the J7W1, the Bf 109 Z or the XF5F the fully deserved air spawn. For the 109 Z have in mind that they tried to model the planed interceptor variant, forgot 1 MK 108 and refuse to implement the secondary bomb loadout option.

Back to topic - i agree that P-47s have some use in small matches (like the Ju 288 black hole) or in longer matches which were 4vs4 after 15 minutes, but the fast pace of most matches simply creates the lone P-47 syndrome like years ago.

In addition - the fellow players above are right - the P-47 N is a bad choice compared to the D-28, in direct comparison the N flies like a brick. You notice this best if you use joystick like me.

Just because you are interceptor - i feel like this does not mean you should get an airspawn.

Hornet, P61 and 102 are interceptors tho…

Hornet, Ki-102 and P-61, by role, are Air Defence fighter, their primary role is to get high and slam rounds to bomber formation, they’re peak interceptor.

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In the game the have an interceptor airspawn, but irl none of them was an interceptor by design in the classic understanding of interceptor in WW2 context - a plane designed to climb fast, being fast, carries heavy armament in order to destroy intruders - and usually sacrificing range and/or turn for climb and speed.

Your examples describe heavy fighters with comparably long range and heavy armament - in case of the Hornet we just see what happened when a small and light airframe meets excess horsepower but i was never designed as an interceptor, in total opposition to the P-38.

Hornet was a long range fighter, P-61 a night fighter and Ki-102 was a ground attack aircraft, at least the implemented Ki-102b variant with a currently useless 57mm cannon with HE shells only -thanks to real shatter.

ok but there is not a big difference between long range fighter and interceptor.

what part of this post do dumbs who say “sideclimb” not get?

that is the entire point of the thread.
You need to side climb, that takes a lot of time, by the time you have successfully sideclimb, the match is over.
What is hard to understand about the point of this thread?

P47D-28 is ok, it not need airspawn
P47D-22 should get airspan


bf109 and spitefire were used in an interceptor role too, but these shoudln’t get airspawns. Airspawn is a balancing mechanism like tank reload.

Yea the p47s just suck nowadays. side climbing obviously helps but half of your team or the enemy team is dead by the time you start your first engagement. or the tickets have been bled down a lot by the time you are at a decent alt like 4-5km where it starts to shine.

when matches were longer it was a decent plane to fly but in the current meta and games ending after 10-15 mins it does need a buff. I mean xp 50s and p38s get an airspawn and they have better climb rates so why not give one to the p47? (ok the xp 50 should defo not have an airspawn… we know).

a p47 that isn’t well above you in terms of energy is a really easy kill. i’ve never a p47 and thought oh no i don’t want to fight him right now! and given the poor climb rate its unlikely that they ever get above you.

i don’t think giving it the 1km interceptor airspawn will break the MM in any way. would just help level the playing field against more agile and better climbing fighters.

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