GIAT T59, The AMX 30 in a chinese tank

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caid’s suggestion #90

I would like to suggest something that could only be a good premium or even vehicle so much it is exceptional for the French tree, the GIAT T59

If you feel like this looks like a Russian tank, you are half wrong! it is a Chinese tank in the first place. a Chinese Type 59 who happened to fall in the hands of GIAT industry was back them, the main military builder for the French armored vehicles.

As GIAT was in discussion with Egypt for a modernization program of T-62 which was meant to receive a French 120mm G1 gun, France went further to propose at wide similar modernization on the Type 59 which was widespread around the world. it was in 1987, during the SATORY exposition that the tank was officially revealed to the world and offered to export. with nearly 100,000 T54/55 built and over 50 countries using it, the T54/55 is one of the most common vehicles. Been in use in many countries with whose France has a relation, but the potential of an upgrade for export was just too good.

With the discussion of modernizing the T-62 for Egypt, GIAT put its hand on an old Type 59 from the Vietnam War and started to study the potential of a cheap yet efficient upgrade.

While most countries using the T-55 or Type 59 back then were unable to afford modern MBT, the key feature was to avoid building a whole new tank. the chassis was unchanged, the turret as well, and the engine was better to remain as it was. the T-55 (and type 59) was by itself not a bad tank at all, it was tough and reliable. but it remained outdated. GIAT proposed to fit “better” French armament and device. this was as much for proving this sort of upgrade was doable and to find new potential customers.

The T59 was refitted with a French CN-105 F1 which is the gun used on the AMX 30. it also got the SFIM VS 580 commander’s peripheral sight. The gunner is upgraded to a sight with an integrated laser rangefinder. A TRT thermal heater is also installed on the right side of the main gun. the engine compartment received a new fire extinguishing system capable of putting out a fire in 60 milliseconds. finally, the turret received the new Galix grenade launchers. additionally, there was an option to install a 710 hp HS 110-2 diesel engine and semi-automatic transmission like the AMX 30B2.

Sadly the Type 59 was never fitted with the 120mm G1 gun like the T-62 could have in theory. the 120mm would be likely to get a lot more interest. but the 105mm is not a bad gun either, it was in the first place done to prove it was possible to adapt a French gun in a Russian tank. due to the lack of interest, the T59 disappeared from the market shortly after, finding no customer of any sort. Pakistan did put the vehicle in trials in 1988 along with Chinese, British, and American tanks. while the T59 shows a higher effectiveness in night operations, it was not adopted by the Pakistani army (and neither were the other vehicles) the T59 was withdrawn from the market soon after.

The armament is the main improvement of this tank. the gun being a 105mm CN-105-F1 will offer a familiar armament that France’s players will recognize. The gun is the same as found on the AMX 30 series. it can fire the same ammunition which includes the APSFDS from all 105mm NATO standards. but the French developed the OLF 105 G2 to replace the OLF 105 F1 in 1981. The round had a longer and heavier rod than the F1 to give 20% penetration. The OLF 105 G3 was the same projectile as the OLF 105 G2 but with an older type of propellant which reduced the velocity a bit. this round was intended for export mostly as it offer a cheaper price of production. since the T59 was precisely offering a cheap tank for export. I think it would be natural to give it only the OLF 105 G3 as APFSDS along with the OCC 105 F1. The OLF 105 G3 remains a fair improvement over the OLF 105 F1. The turret is slow and has a bad elevation angle, which is the heaviest flaw of the armament. another major flaw is the stabilizer which is unlikely to have been installed (at least there is no mention of it). but on the good side, the turret has a laser rangefinder and a thermal for both gunner and commander.

  • Night vision
  • Thermal vision (commander & gunner)
  • Laser rangefinder

The mobility of this tank was unchanged over the Type 59. The tank remains pretty much the same weight and keeps the same engine and transmission. this gives it a relatively low mobility amount of the MBTs. the top speed of 50 km/h will be seldom reached due to the low power weight. but the tank will be capable of keeping up with most tanks. the reverse speed is also not very great.

However, France had the option to install the V8 X S25 4-stroke engine with a semi-automatic transmission if needed. this improvement wasn’t done but would bring up the T59 to the mobility of the AMX 30B2 as it shares the same transmission. in theory, it would give it a top speed of 65 km/h forward and backward with a power-weight ratio of 20 km/h which would make the tank quite mobile.

The protection in overall is not much different than the Type 59. The French engineers didn’t touch the bulk of the armor. Type 59 is already by a well-protected tank with thick armor and low profile. the protection allows a good chance of ricochet and gives good protection against smaller armament such as the auto-cannon and older tank guns. what the French added is the Galix launcher which can launch smoke to provide cover or fire explosive grenades against infantry.




Not sure if this would go to France or China (or both) but I want it! +1


+1, Unique mix of Chinese and French tech.

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this was solely a French development. it has nothing to do with China.
if it goes with China, the M-51 should go to the USA and the Tiran 4 go to Russia
there are a lot of examples like that in the game.


Fair enough

+1,there are less tank in French TT tier 5-6.

+1 for China
-1 for France

This tank doesn’t belong to the French tree if it was only rework by GIAT.


eh? Another T-54/55? Why does French tree needs this in a first place?

because its french
quite simple really


Because it has thermals and lolpen APFSDS and would make a very nice premium. The more premiums the merrier, it would garner more attention to the French tree something it is very much lacking right now - especially from the devs.


+1 very interesting suggestion, suitable for an Event vehicle.

Tho its not french in any terms. Its old soviet chassis with old soviet turret and old soviet ammunition. Much like T-72AV which has italian or french (i dont really remember) optics…
I dont like the idea of putting more soviet techs to play against soviets, especially to french tree - one that still remains something unique.

so, does it have stabilizer. T-59 has, but now it’s a France 105

its a french gun?

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why tho France need one?
Im, it does not have a rank 7 premium machine, thats truth. But you wont put that on rank 7, its highest rank is 6. Then, on rank 6 France has one cool AMX-30S, pretty cool premium if you ask me. And also unique

Why, i didnt notice from a first glance. It has french cannon for real

What’s wrong with having more than one premium? Half the reason USSR high-tiers is so popular is because you can straight-up buy a lineup. If France got that sort of attention it would be nothing but good for the overall health of the tree. Right now France is anaemic even though it could be bigger than everything short of the USSR.


I agree with that, tho at my opinion ussr is popular because likely 50% of players of the game are from russia. My problem with that machine is that its another T-55. Im pretty sure its possible to find many of much more interesting premiums - from Leclerc Prototype and Leclerc w\140mm to some more AMX30 iterations. I just dont like the idea of another T-55 against T-55s. Plus, the lineup for that tech would be straight up bad.

the french m47s wouldn’t be a terrible choice either for prems

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A service vehicle like the M47 should be considered for the Tech Tree first. It was in service for 1953 to 1980 as an MBT and engineer tank.