Getting easily destroyed after aquiring new tank

Im new to WT and have a BR of 3, I have a fully loaded cromwell and was doing ok in battles, I just researched and bought a sherman but didn’t have enough silver eagles to train the crew. When I next had a game I was immediately killed by everything and anything even when trying to be sneaky and hide behind stuff. Also being picked off by super long distances without even firing a shot.

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I dont understand how I could be hit, let alone destroyed by one shot from seemingly huge distances. Do other vehicles have amazing scopes and ammo. I got hit by a shell going through a window through some bushes over a hill which is just silly. Before I got the sherman I could take a few hits if I protected the week sides of the tank. But now I get a shell graze my terret and I’m dead.

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Sounds like normal thing after buying new vehicle. Learn to play it…

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Not sure if issue is in AB or RB…in both cases you will fight at longer ranges as you get higher BR vehicles…
Odd long shots are common in AB as markers help blind aiming where a player can hit enemies he doesnt actually see…

I sometimes get hits at 1500m or more…just aiming at red dot and hoping for the best…or hits at 500 trough obstacles because i had a crosshair positive feedback

But I was using my old vehicle, why would I suddenly start getting toasted because I had a new vehicle which wasn’t even in my lineup. Does my old vehicle become weaker.

Just accept you might be easily paranoid as a new starter. The things you see will be explained when you learn/explore more.

A shell just needs to penetrate and then it is left to either filler HE or what the post penetration spalling (like the AP you use) hits/damages/destroys. How the shell gets there can be a well placed shot or just luck/feelings.

Chances are there is nothing actually unusual happening.

Also as @GhostSoph mentions knowing what mode you are refering to will help. RB is not great for starter players as it has a bit more of a learning curve (since AB removes some of the work in aiming with markers and penetration markers).

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Ok, by fully loaded I assume you mean maximum ammo, never take full ammo unless your vehicle doesn’t get much, for the Cromwell you only need 15-20 shells depending on your aim. I assume you are referring to the Cromwell V which is at 3.3, and every single tank at 3.3 can go through your frontal armour at most ranges (Unless angled properly), I would say you previously were getting down tiers (When you fight vehicles of a lower BR than you) against weaker vehicles like Panzer iii and M22s, as these vehicles can struggle with the armour you have.

Any tank can kill in one shot. War Thunder’s vehicles are modelled around modules, and not hit points (Modules have hit points however), this means that if you get pierced by a round you have the chance of being instantly killed, one shell that often does this is the American M61 APCBC/HET which has 104mm penetration (Can easily go through your armour) and has 63g of TNT which can destroy your crew/ammunition.

If you put your graphics settings on ULQ (Ultra Low Quality) bushes and foliage stop rendering after a specific range, meaning you can see through them

Yes. Many vehicles have higher powered scopes and better ammunition (PzGr 39 for the Panzer IV F2/G can go through 137mm armour point blank and has 28.9g TNT equivalent as opposed to your M61 shot with 103mm armour penetration with 0g TNT equivalent at the same BR)

Unlocking a new tank does not change the old tanks ability, you will always get bad games and they appear more often than good games (Especially when you’re new).

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Many thanks for that, I meant all modifications by fully loaded. I learned early on about only taking a few shells, I take about 20. It felt as if the whole game play had upped to a whole new level once I’d aquired the sherman. I got flipped onto my roof which I’ve never seen before. Whats the vehicle that tows a trailer, I hit it from every angle with every shell and it just trundled away.

The sense of progression in this game doesn’t really exist per se.

You play, you get better tanks in higher BR, but then you’re facing even better tanks, so in grand scheme of things, nothing has really changed, except that your older tanks is now potentially useless.

Churchill Crocodile - a 4.7 heavy tank from UK. Goodish armour but very slow and very poor gun for its Battle Rating.

It’s funny, something similar usually happens to me, when I open a new tank I always play at +1 BR and even on top of that my bullets don’t cause damage to the enemy, until I unlock parts of the tank it doesn’t work well, when I unlock it the ammunition starts to work more or less correctly.

Har har bomb go brrrrr

That is referred to as being “spaded”, and does not change the enemies you face

Churchill Mk VII with Crocodile fittings (Flamethrower), frontal armour is strong enough to shrug off KwK36 88mm PzGr, with it’s side armour being less but impenetrable when angled, as this is at 4.7 I assume you put the Sherman ii in your lineup, with that being a 3.7, and you got a full uptier, your stock M72 shot won’t do ANYTHING to the front of it, and you need to be incredibly close for it to pen the side. You will want to unlock M61 shot ASAP, and T45 shot if you want to hit harder targets (T45 doesn’t work against angles), however T45 still won’t go through a Crocodile’s frontal armour.

Yeah, modifications improve the tank, duh? Without being spaded your vehicle will perform worse than a spaded version of the same vehicle, not by much though, performance comes down to skill.

This is BS



You don’t believe me do you.

What I mean is that the game sometimes modifies the statistics so that you kill less on purpose, for example when you have been killing more than 5 or 6 in many games in a row, or after very good games, I am tired of the fact that after games where I kill 14 or 16 in the next game my bullets either ricochet or do no damage, so I end that game killing one and losing three tanks, how is it possible? Well, because the same game does it to you. It also usually happens to me What I have mentioned, that when you have the stock tank first you are always overtiered (I am overtiered anyway in at least 70% of the games), and also when you are in stock your bullets do no damage, or they bounce much more or I simply stop it with 10mm of armor, that has happened to me a lot, that’s why I don’t believe you, because it’s something that happens to me all the time.

Please, show me proof, I would like you to prove me wrong but that is BS.

It’s possible you aren’t playing great, learn the tank more.

Wait so you aren’t playing the game? The game is playing for you?

What do you mean “When you have the stock tank first”

Depending on your BR bracket ALL your games can be uptiers, or ALL can be downtiers.

This is nothing to do with the tank itself, stock rounds (depending on your vehicle) often have less penetration/damage/both. Having Adjustment Of Fire modification can help with this (Less dispersion), just learn to aim and you’ll kill things.

Again, learn the game more

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It is certainly possible that the stock ammo on your new tank is worse than your fully-researched ammo on your previous tank - especially the US 75mm which is used in many vehicles, and where the APC is rubbish but the M61 is very good.

But other than that the statement is pure paranoia.


The proof is my feeling, if it always happens in those situations, is it easy to notice, or is it perhaps a coincidence that it happens in those moments?

Learn more? What do you want a tank professor to be?

No, the game is playing against me.


Sure X2