Get the F-104, MiG-19 and A-4N Ayit out of early cold war era matches

you still out turn it with the f5c even if you use the air break.

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Tell that to the B-57, F-84F, F9F or Javelin that have to face Aim-9Ds.

Also the F-4C, F-105, … all don’t have flares and experience this already. The F-104 and MiG-19 will have to suffer until decompression.

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Im of 2 very different minds with these aircraft. The first. I absolute hate fighting them in the Javelin, Sea-Vixen, Hunter. In fact literally any sub-sonic aircraft that doesnt have a very good AAM. They suck to fight.

On the other hand, from experience in the lightning. It sucks to fight the 10.3s in which your only defence is to just run away from and avoid ever entering weapons range. Though some aircraft. Like the A-5C, will easily catch-up to you and take you down.

So they are impossible to balance with the current compression. They all could probably be fine at 9.7 (my experience it doesnt matter whether you play 9.3 or 9.7 you are pretty always fighting 10.3s, but thats just me, some people seem to get constant downtiers, i only ever get uptiers) but 10.0 would probably be a death sentence, at least for now.

But whether several aircraft should be DOA so that others have a chance is a difficult thing to decide.

(as a side note, Lightning should also move up as a super-sonic at 9.3 But its in a different situation than the F-104. Once Red Tops get fixed/buffed/overhauled whatever you want to call it, it will probably need a BR increase anyway. Comfortably 9.7, maybe even skirting 10.0. Though that really depends on the state of Red Tops)


The Mig-19 doesn’t even have that much speed. It can’t break mach 1 below 2000m. It is equal to an F-5c performance wise, but it lacks everything you’d expect a 10.3 jet to have. The F-4C is a phantom, and has missiles. The F-105 is very fast and has good payload.

You also fail to mention how it will compare to the 10.3-11.0 planes it would face every match.

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Say it together now, decompression. Say it as often and as loudly as nessesary to get it to sink in. Quibbling about how certain vehicles just need uptiers is missing the forest for the trees.

Everything is fighting vehicles they simply should not be fighting because those vehicles cannot be pushed up without placing them up against vehicles that they shouldn’t be fighting. So we push everything down, causing new vehicles to be fighting things they shouldn’t be fighting, and the cycle continues.

Decompression is the only answer that properly addresses this problem. Take top tier, shove it up by at least 1.0 BR, then start moving things up as needed to stretch out the BRs properly. This would not be technically difficult to do, and resolves the entire problem all at once. We should expect nothing less.


Yeah… This is the ultimate solution.

No, we need full across the board decompressing. Moving ANYTHING isolated at this point is just moving compression around. 15 BRs are mandatory.

And if it’s too much work for Gaijin, they can lower the BR range of a battle from 1.0 to 0.7 with one klick so many problems are solved too.

lol Ayit doesn’t have all-aspect missiles.
On top of that they are dodgeable.
Bit silly to include that one among those, especially since Ayit is just a worse Hunter F58.

Moving jets with no flare to a br where r60, 9js or all aspects msl are commons would be a death sentence. Better solutions is raise the br cap and move everything from 9.3 up so that it separated the subsonic and supersonic era and maybe the supersonics with the msl slinger era too if we are lucky.
TLDR: decompression

I never claimed that and It doesn’t matter if they are all aspect. The Ayit is the biggest problem 8.3 has as it can click on 4 enemies and they die. I’d love to see you try to avoid them in a Javelin or F9F. They have 3km (a bit shorter for Shafrir 2 put better pull due to lower speed) of range and 18G pull they are absolutely undodgable and it gets 4 of them. It’s basically a subsonic F8U-2 with the ATG ordnance of an A-10. Both of them sit at 10.0 yet the aircraft that slightly worse than worse but combines both sits at 9.3.

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The Ayit has Aim9D that are similar to 9J but caged at 9.3 and faces planes like the F-84F. The F-104 and MiG-19 and nowhere near as bad at 10.0.

It’s simple.

Statistic balancing + Premium vehicle + Big Tree

A lot of people that don’t know how to use it buy it, perform poorly and since gaijin balances on statistics instead of actual vehicle capabilities it is at a low BR

The MiG-19 doesn’t need to be fast at low alt it can simply climb to orbit and outrun anything in the vertical. I Don care if 2 planes suffer if that means 20 other aircraft get to have fun again. The F-4C has unusable missiles and is worse than the F-104.


F-4C isn’t worse than the F-104A/C in any way. Its missiles are more than capable for its BR

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Yet as a plattform the F-104J without flares does fine facing 11.3.

Its a missile bus with 6 Aim-9P, but as a gun fighter its quite neat tbh.

Edit: honestly once i got it stock i couldn’t for the life of me figure out how this airframe could be had at a whole BR lower

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it is 10.3, so you will be facing a limited amount of 11.3. also the 6 aim 9j does makes a difference, imo the A should be at 9.7 like it used to, the c could do fine at 10.0 thanks to the rwr, rockets and the aim9E, but still being just .3 from the j doesnt make sense either.

and as i said here:

As a plattform it does plenty fine at 10.3. the 6 9Ps do make a difference in its killing power, but you can also just fly around with its gun and do plenty of work.

i responded to a comment which seemingly say the F-104 will be useless at 10.0 when a stock F-104J at 10.3 is fine.

its just an issue of compression. Gaijin refuses to do the max BR bump to give the game adequate BR granularity

3 planes killed vs 10 now terrifying early jets sounds like a good trade to me.