Germany should get their Boxer platforms, most notably the Boxer CRV

With the obvious uproar of there being no intentions to give Germany a Lynx prototype, I think and also many other Germany players think German still needs a new and better top tier Light tank vehicle.

There has been no notice of the PUMA being updated to have missiles on the dev server and only the 2PSO has been added is absolutely anemic.

Currently this will open the window the the Boxer Skyranger 30 and eventually the Skyranger 35, though the 35 has had no official statement since the first system already has the ability to mount ground-to-air missiles similar to the Gepard but more advanced.

If the KF-41 isn’t going to be added to Germany in some sort of way or the PUMA isn’t getting an upgrade or second variant, I think it is time for the Boxer to be added myself. Clearly the Radkampfwagen 90 was the start of this but now the German light tank line is coming to a stand still over a vehicle Gaijin refuses to address issues with.

The Boxer CRV Block I and II are already in training/service I’m pretty sure and plans to hit official service in 2024-2025. All are planned to have the Lance MTS, MK30-2/ABM, Spike LR2, Iron Fist APS. 20-25 units already exist in Germany and Australia, which is why I personally think the Lynx Kf41-Is not replacing the PUMA because the Boxer CRV is. There is still about one more year so there could be an additional Block III with further upgrades.


D742e0823-Oerlikon-Skyranger-35.pdf (
“new” boxer variant with updated skyranger 35 turret


I agree this should be added to germany in a figure patch not too far away from this one

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so there have apparently been some negotiations regarding the skyranger 30:

it will include:

  • Unmanned turret
  • 3km gun range, 7km missile range
  • 30mm cannon
  • 30x173mm air burst(likely AHEAD)
  • 1200 rounds per minute
  • 300 rounds ammo
  • Stinger missiles(from the looks of it, 4)
  • 360° 3D AESA radar
  • fully stabilised electro optical sensor unit
  • level 4 protection(stanag 4569)
  • 2 control concepts(whatever that means)
  • Smoke launchers(judging from the images)

Mobile Flugabwehr: Endverhandlungen zum Skyranger - pivotareapivotarea


Wouldn’t be surprised if the Skyranger ends up in Italian TT as well. Cause Hungary shows interests in these. So be careful, it might go the same route as the suggestion to get the Lynx as german IFV. They might accept the vehicle, but add it to Italy at the end.

it will most definitely end up in the german tree. a variation with the piranha 5 or smth for the danish military might end up in the swedish tree

are those vehicles not to new to be added ?

not realy, 2S38, KF41 all are similar time wise, their already exist types of the skyranger

it is a bit sad, seems like they wont include the FIRST system in this case, the ability to detect problems without radar seems quite important for an spaa as well

EDIT: So from what i read the modules you mentioned are planned for the initial skyranger variant to just get an spaa fast, the FIRST might be planned for the end version

the Boxer CRV /schwerer Waffenträger, is problematic currently. The procurment is stopped right now, because one of the big reasons to order them was under the condition that australia orders the KF41 (showing yet again how closely the KF41 is binded to german politic). As a current the negotation stopped and the plans of getting the boxer crv are changing with possible production in germany and other stuff

what the hell

yeah fixed now

yes these are part of the initial kinda “fast procurement” of some air defense systems. its like 18 or so.

Reporter just got an update, seems like the exact plans still are being negotiated and seems like this guy will get exact news as well once they are available


that both the gunner and commander have identical control stations to operate the system.

Skyranger from Rheinmetall reaches important milestone | Rheinmetall

Skyranger 30 was tested in December of last year

sooooo gaijin next update pls ok?

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now if germany would finaly ducking finalize their order. Gajins only gonna give us the in service version nothing else

Are they planning on invading the Moon or something?


uhh yeah

are you not?


NNbS part 1 and 3 (skyranger and iris-t sls) will be voted on by the Bundestag shortly