Germany needs an additional subtree

the first South African Gripen were accepted into service on 30th of April 2008, one month after the Cheetah (and with it R-Darter) were decommisioned

Why not? If I remember correctly, Gajin also managed to pull the F-16ADF out of their ass when the US mains cried. And besides, I surely wont “put up with the F-4”, I will just do this fancy trick of just not playing

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Getting sleepy over these wishes that make it seem like Germany is lacking anywhere but top tier aviation.

A whole sub-tree for one minor gap? Please.


I mean they were close, its not hard to believe that if a war happened a year after they would have been brought back and mounted. Again they were cleared so if it was accepted into service a few months sooner it would have been used.

They could rush it out, but I doubt it. Yeah, not playing is what I did for the F.3 tornado :) at least now its a great aircraft and great fun to fly :D

Do you really believe Sweden, as tiny 8 million country or something, is bulding Leopard 2 completly in license? Diesel engine production lines? Armor plates? Gun production? The main components are all ordered from KMW and other suppliers like IBD Deisenroth Engineering (the Mexas armor elements). Then everything is mounted together at a BAE plant (former Hägglunds). Some pieces of equipment like the thermal viewers, FCS etc. might be domestically made., thats it.

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Its just a simple modification that can be added any time, just like Russian T-Series additional Era modification.

Although i do think Gaijin can add Spanish Leopard2E or Greek 2A6HEL to German Tech tree, that would solve armor problem.

Its an armor package developed from Deisenroth engineering. It got tested on several 2A5 Bundeswehr tanks. You can easily see that it isn’t a factory test model…cause of the official army license plate (Y-…) and the Bundeswehr markings (the cross and unit markings).

Every Leopard 2 hull can be upgraded with these addon panels. Theoretically this should have been sufficient to make an armor upgrade mod for german TT 2A5… Its a german product used on a german army Leopard… Irl it wasn’t adopted into full service, since there were no outside threats and defense budgets got cut. Sweden got it for their Leopard fleet and now everyone thinks its somehow designed and made by Sweden^^

I had a hunch that War Thunder’s Germany had no reason to operate anymore…

Because of their ridiculous popularity, incredibly unique ground stuff, vast majority unique aviation and naval?
Because of their historical relevance?
Because of the longevity they have when looking at the past, current and even future?

Thank you for more or less pointing out all the reasons that Germany does not need a subtree like some other nations do, for fear of ‘dying out as a tech tree’.

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