German MiG-29 (and others) RWR problems in GRB

Many russo-German planes (MiG-29, MiG-23MLA, SU-22M3K,Mi-24 and others) have an issue in ground realistic battles: their RWR CANNOT detect Russian SPAA radars band (2S6, Pantsir) making weird situation where you spawn in a german soviet plane and have no RWR warning, even if the SPAA is tracking you.

I have no idea if its realistic or not, but I find it very frustrating since Germany is almost always against Russia, making almost all of their best aircraft (who aren’t even the best CAS or air superiority) much more difficult to use.

Maybe, the could we give lend-lease soviet aircraft the ability to detect russian SPAA radar bands?

The RWRs are functioning properly. If they can’t detect a radar band then they won’t ping. No they don’t need an artificial boost


Its fairly realistic. Pantsir’s radar operates on a frequency most nations RWR cant detect. Some can detect the pings but not locks (Tornado and Gripen for example). I think the only aircraft that can detect a lock from a Pantsir is the Su-25SM3.

Which they’re on the same team lmaoo

Yeah… though with how many people play USSR. Ive seen more than a few Soviet vs soviet matches. so does happen on occasion.

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Black hawks can also iirc

I think a couple of helis can. But not sure exactly which ones

It’s funny, cause it doesn’t matter if your RWR works against SPAA in War Thunder since once you get to a good playing level, you never give the missile launches good parameters to begin with.