Genuine question for CAS players: How would a Tank Only mode negatively affect you personally

You could still play Mixed RB/AB and nothing would be changed about that mode.

(Queue times are not a valid argument. Waiting 10 seconds longer to get into a match isn’t a problem.)

Why was this post hidden?

It splits the playerbase for no good reason. Split the playerbase instead up slightly less by decompressing and implementing separate BRs for air/ground for aircraft


It leans to the angle of giving people what they want for the fact that they spam, and carry on about it, like they’ll boycott the game, make a problem for others and just keep demanding it time and time again, over and over again, to merely want the next thing ‘removed’ to make thier gameplay more easy…

It’s a precedent that literally shouldn’t be set because of that angle… If the planes were removed, what would be the next thing to remove… Artillery? Maps, and modes? The amount of people who are demanding crap, and absolutely being abusive to those who are merely objecting to them is the issue for me.

From there the sinister ones that want to drag the argument into something else avoiding the points that are made regarding other avenues, is what really does need to be removed. When I tell someone to spawn SPAA, and I end up statchecked and made out that I’ve said things other than what I did, it goes towards meddling and abuse.

If I’m contributing on the forum, my statement is all I need, and I don’t need to show things, or prove things, especially when I’m merely telling people to use what’s there, and what’s available, because we all know, everyone who proclaims that CAS is a threat, finds SPAA ‘’‘boring’‘’ and ‘’‘inaccurate’‘’ because that shows it’s a user issue.

If you aren’t going to use the counters provided, then don’t be upset that you just got bombed.

(Edit - False flaggers begone. Quite frankly this forum is plagued by this victimhood, and making out that those who ‘succeed’ are ‘’‘abusers’‘’ because the ‘victims’ can’t handle the game, literally.)


You on the other hand want to retain the CAS spam to make your gameplay easier, double standard. Like oh I can’t take out that sniper because I ain’t got skill, just grab a plane and bomb it.


Stop trying to make my stance for me, I’ve never actually mentioned why I want to not have any of these crappy changes implemented. You guys do this a lot, to try and make an issue because you need ‘something’ to make the argument about.

I can just handle the game better than most of the complainers because I play the game for fun, and have fun doing it, rather than merely being upset at the way I was killed, in a multiplayer PvP game…

It’s almost like you’d get upset at dying in DayZ, and go off in chat, while the guy who’s grabbing your stuff laughs at your rage spam.

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Queue times are one of the single most important concerns for literally every online multiplayer game ever made. Trying to dismiss this is a fantastic way to start a thread in bad faith and without understanding of the subject matter.

Also, oh hey yet another CAS thread…


Hello, I am a different person who also wants CAS in the game and it isn’t for me using it reasons. Thanks.

Yes, they would.
Most of the playerbase would want these CAS free games for grinding tanks. When you know if you play the plane mode everyone is going to be in a plane, it ruins the element of the “mixed battles”. I play CAS rarely, but even I know this would make the game worse. There would be no need for AA in the game either. It would just ruin so many aspects.


While I do actually do CAS in ground battles, I don’t really consider myself a CAS player as I prefer to use my tanks and only really go into a plane for CAS if I feel like it or I feel it is necessary. Now while I don’t think I need to explain when I feel like when doing CAS as that is a personal choice so it’s very situational on many things including’s, but as for when I feel it’s necessary is much easier to explain. In certain situations where any enemy is in a particularly good spot which makes them very hard to deal with them while also remaining a major threat for my team, then I will jump into a plane and try to kill them in order to deal with that enemy since at that point either there isn’t any other good choice to deal with them or that option would take more time than it’s worth. I should mention that typically I do this against enemies that killed me, however I never actually do it as revenge killing that I do as see them as a threat, as there are times I may actually go after someone else first if I feel like it. The other case where I feel it may be necessary to do CAS is if my team is losing badly, which when they are I consider doing some CAS to try improving the situation. Also, in some cases I may do CAS after going after an enemy aircraft if I can take some ordinance without hampering my plane too much since if I can do something else after taking down that enemy would be ideal to me since otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to help my team as much.

While CAS can be almost certainly toxic and annoying, even as someone who prefers taking my ground vehicles more over my air vehicles, I rather have some access to aircraft, as it provides more opportunities when dealing with particularly troublesome enemies and limits how much a player can camp during a match. Also as said earlier, I rather not have the player base split based on if they want CAS or not, which is perhaps made even worse because if it wasn’t already obvious most players don’t go on the forums of reddit so who knows what they think. I’m not trying to say most people are okay or not okay with CAS nor do I think either are a minority in the player base, but I think effects on the matchmaker in that regard are far harder to imagine since splitting it could either do little to nothing outside fighting the same players more often to making a noticeable difference in the matchmaking.

Another issue is about the vehicles that cant attack tanks, like the ozelot.

You have two options
A: tell gaijin you are okay with them having vehicles that are usless

B: tell gaijin it is okay to ban vehicles from gamemodes, aka: give gaijin the green light to say “this tank is hard to balance in ground rb so you can only play it in sim or ab”.

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Live and let live. It doesn’t matter how it affects me. Because my fellow players are not there for my pleasure or entertainment.
My opponent’s only job is to die for his team.

Asked to provide a single link to server replay. You failed to do that.

This is not how discussion works

You don’t, it can be eaisly checked.

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You demanding that I ‘admit’ to saying things I didn’t and you constantly ignoring what points were made are genuinely not how discussion goes… k thx bai.

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Here we go

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Genuine answer as a “CAS player” (shame this is derogatory as I presume you mean “people playing WT”, since having aircraft in lineup or clicking to assist is air waves does not really make for a “CAS player”; basically this is a loaded title again) :

If the modes are not negatively effected as a whole in regards to population across all BRs: Not at all.

If the modes are negatively effected: Yes.

Always has been this and most people have been clear, but at least people can stop projecting their idiotic thoughts on others.

The biggest question, since we know people NOT getting behind TO makes zero difference (in fact brings up issues that might explain Gaijin’s reluctance to add new modes in absence of anyone growing the stones to ask the company), is why hasn’t anyone asked Gaijin directly with all the “evidence” gathered for various new modes (TO AB and RB)? why people think putting this big question in a random survey is the solution I have no idea, maybe this ignorance is the reason no TO exists.

So rather than ask a question already answered (this topic) why not spend all this energy in an air tight Suggestion/real campaign.

I presume this means both AB and RB, AB being the most played by the players?

Regardless if i don’t like doing CAS or being sieged by a Tiny Tim, combined arms and their advantages are just part of Ground Battles.

Though i must express how heavily unrewarding it feels to play SPAA with the goal to keep the skies clear, plus it also demands a reasonable amount of skill to be pulled out if it’s not a SAM system. A part of me thinks that this lack of incentive is made on purpose to deter players from doing actual teamwork.

You made a claim, haven’t provided anything to back it up and Your own record contradicts it.

Sorry, but this is not how discussion works.

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Nonsense… You forced the narrative that to be using SPAA you had to be good at it, and fact is that if it’s there and you CHOOSE not to use it and get messed up by air, then you have no reason to be complaining…

You seem to want no-one to use it so you can keep your precious killstreaks up.

Fact is you couldn’t accept any other point other than what you brought in. The stats don’t matter, because many of them aren’t tracked, and your fixation on getting kills makes it clear you are ignorant to threat deterence and actual interference.

You’re ignorant, so much so it’s weaponized ignorance that you want to kep running this ignorant narrative.

There is no discussion with you, because you run it back to that same old ‘I’ve got better stats than you, and I checked yours so you don’t deserve to comment’ nonsensical non-discussion.

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Again, You are lying about what was said.

What I said is that SPAA is not effective and air is a better way to deal with air.

There is no discussion with You as You fail to meet the standards of discussion: backing up claims.

As long as You can’t provide anything, it can be assumed that You are just lying.

Edit: flagged for no reason.

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I’m not lying, and you accusing me of being one, and saying I’m a hypocrite at every turn you can is insulting.

You’re beyond any sort of engagement as has been the entire time.

If you aren’t going to spawn SPAA and then moan about being killed by the air threat, then you’re a damn moron.

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