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‘‘Accidentally hit a building, BOOM !’’ lol

Can anyone translate this? Google translate is a bit spotty. It concerns the Type 98 Chi-Ho


While I can’t read or translate any of this, it seems to point out a relation between the Chi-Ho, and the prototype model of the Chi-Ha Kai


Type 97 Chi-Ha Kai (Prototype)

Maybe it’s about how development of the Chi-Ho was repurposed and ultimately resulted in the Chi-Ha Kai?

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not a bug lol.

iirc, some of the 37 mm are missing better shells


i believe this was also bug reported many years ago that low tier Japanese tanks missing HE shells.
They turned them down because they didn’t want new players to get lost in ammo selection like using HE insteand of AP as primary shell

I made 3 suggestions included Type 60 sprg B and Ke-Ni Otsu (both of which haven’t been passed before) but for some reason only my Type 60 sprg is approved for viewing.

Additionally the ke-ni otsu suggestion is gone and my new suggestion for the HMV equipped with ZU-23-2 suggestion is not up for voting either. 🤷

rough edit


Do you have any images for that? I’ve never seen, or even heard of this before

It’s a Russian field mod, although I doubt field mods are eligible for suggestion (or the game in general)


We already have the Panzer IV H with T-34 tracks added as a field mod, as well as various other up armored vehicles. I don’t think this one is out of the question.

Though I do feel the connection to an active conflict would stop it for now, and my personal bias has me wanting a similarly light, yet armed HMV variant for Japan (can’t have them beat our speed record with quite literally stolen tech)

If it were added it should just go to Japan. The ZU-23 has been slapped on literally everything under the sun. There are plenty of options for Russia. Also let’s not forget that the the BTR ZD is a towed ZU-23 just tied on the top of the vehicle. Improvised vehicles aren’t much of an issue.


I knew that some people haven’t seen it before so wanted to surprise the community for this reason but now it is ruined ( °□°) ︵ ┻━┻


I don’t think it is much of a different to something like this

The process mirrors that of mounting a towed gun onto a truck, which similarly falls under the category of a field modification. This adjustment lacks official designation and formal approval, making it an unofficial alteration.


If it makes you feel a bit better, seeing the Type 60 (B) suggestion was a very pleasant surprise. I always like seeing suggestions, especially for vehicles lile this that often get forgotten.

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I’m glad! at first i didn’t plan to do it, but then i realized this vehicle actually has a few differences both in appearance and performance to the one we have in the game, which is rare for Japanese post-war vehicles that usually saw very minor modifications, so i just make it happen and let the community decide what they want to do with it.

I think Type 60 is the coolest dedicated SPRG and will be a good altenative to the C-type for 6.3 lineup.

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Field mods should not be in the game

I was planning on making one for the Ke-Ni Otsu, but glad you got to it instead. hopefully it gets approved!

And did you summit the suggestion ? Because mine is gone and it is no longer in the pending which means they removed my suggestion.

Nope. I was gonna write it after submitting the Ki-To suggestion today. That’s really weird they removed it? Your suggestions are of high quality.

btw I think the Ke-Ni otsu would be a good replacement for the Ha-Go commander

I dont think ive seen the chi-ha 20cm here yet. So i might as well being it up, its a similar situation to the ostwind ii and ta-ha where we aren’t 100% sure ifnit was finished and what exactly it looked like (some discussion and various sources here:WW2 Japanese self propelled 20cm gun | Secret Projects Forum)


A further addition to the Japanese land navy if it was to be added.