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After contacting with the mod, they accidentally denied it, but it is up now.



The only thing we got out of the teaser was a bunch of Type 89 got completely annihilated lol


Thats brutal 🥲

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Japan for sure isn’t in the guest list of this update :D

yeah japan its getting nothing this update for the looks of it

If I were a chinese main I would complain and Gaijin would change the teaser OMEGALUL


Just sad man…


Let’s just wait until dev stream and see what they have to offer. Hopefully it is not the Mutsu they have been spending their time on.

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Will upload the comparison between the three tanks later.
That part is where you will see just how incredibly fast the Type 10 turret can traverse.



My hope if nothing useful arrives lol truly hoping!

There could be also updates to existing vehicles, like maybe giving the Type 81c its ARH missile.

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Type 10 mobility buff? Might be to much cope though

If only…

Or a replenishment time buff too.

Dragoon did a Bug report for that and the excuse was balancing issues

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Yea, I know, but maybe they’ll buff it a bit to keep it strong as more nations get beefier tanks/lineups.

I want to write an article about the production variant of the Type 98 Ke-Ni A, but I’m having some trouble differentiating it from the Type 2 Ke-To.

Someone wrote a suggestion on the latter, but I suspect that the images they used for it were actually of the Type 98, not the Type 2.

Type 2 light tank - Suggestions / Ground - War Thunder — official forum

Anyone have any info?

They went with the Fuji Armored instructor.

Camo nets seem to be removable. But why it is just called ‘‘Fuji’’ can’t they be more specific about what the unit this Type 90 belongs to ?


lol you have to pre-order the pack to get the 1st mechanized battalion (OPFOR) decal ?!


Germany got a fake SPAAG. We might aswell get the Ta-Ha at this point, at least the Ta-Ha is built but unfinished.


How did they screw up the zerstorer 45 so bad!? Its basically just a wirbelwind with a larger turret but some how they made this?