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has japan gotten any better?

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For the 5.7 to 9.0 Yes. The 5.0 and below are doing the same as nothing new has arrived. As for 9.3 area, its a mess and not friendly, really need to use your brain there. 11.0 is where the MBTs shine best. Still lacking in powerful CAS but they are doable.


Candidates for the next-generation armored vehicle for LAV replacement.

Thales Australia’s Hawkei and General Dynamics Land Systems’ Eagle armored vehicles.

The Hawkei looks interesting in GSDF’s two color camo.


I bet my money on that Mitsubishi Hawkei 👀


Yes it looks the best in my opinion looks so cool


And those ‘‘eyebrows’’ Howa smoke discharges mounted on the front is just

The inclusion of a gun shield and front-mounted smoke dischargers appears to be exclusive to the Japanese version. Similarly, there doesn’t seem to be any vehicle fitted with a gun shield, including the Mowag Eagle.


A possible pack this update, just a feeling.


metal spider?

spider drone.

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Definitely not The Type 1 Ta-Ha


More historically accurate than the Ostwind II

I really love the Chi-He chassis. I would say it’s better than the Pz IV chassis, but it doesn’t have as much armor.

Did you make this edit?

Yes, just a quick edit. Was doing another edit for a suggestion and ended up with this.

The Type 1 chassis is great, its width is narrow and fits most cramped space.

There are at least three more tanks based on this chassis that i’m looking forward to.

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Ta-Ha would be awesome. Most of the Chi-He variants are in the game though, or at least the ones that would be useable. The Chi-Nu Kai is the only major one I can think of, besides the Ta-Ha


The ho-i with the experimental 57mm could also be neat (not sure if it was actual built though).


Experimental Ho-I with the Experimental 57mm tank gun Kou - Passed for Consideration - War Thunder - Official Forum

Chi-To 57mm - the first Chi-To prototype - Passed for Consideration - War Thunder - Official Forum

Anyone got some info on how the Type 4 Kou shell came to be btw? I would be interested

Nostalgic (´◡`)


Has information about this extremely Japanese tank already been posted on the forums? I’m not sure whether to suggest this tank.

In modern terms, it’s a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device. During the Battle of Luzon in April 1945, Chi-Ha and Ha-Go of the Japanese Army’s 10th Tank Regiment rammed the M4 Sherman of the US Army’s 775th Tank Battalion. The outcome of this battle is said to have delayed the American advance by several days, although Japanese and American records contradict each other. This 20 kg of explosives is equivalent to two 150 mm HE shells or one 50 kg bomb, and would be lethal to the targeted tank.

Rating issues may make it difficult to add these dangerous tanks to War Thunder, but they may be found in Gaijin’s other game, Enlisted. In BF5 and Enlisted, players can use lunge mines, a dangerous anti-tank weapon.



Does somebody have any information about reverse speed of Japanese tanks during WW2?
Or maybe something about transmission of this tanks?

Would be an awsome rank 1 premium or bp vehicle. Basically a free kill if you manage to get close enough to the enemy.

ngl this sounds a bit useless :')