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not a copy paste vehicle this time, due to the new engine and transmission, Pendekar actually can reach the western standard at mobility. It like the T-72B3 buffed.

Does it actually have a reverse gear this time?

The czech and polands upgraded T72 have new transmition so it has batter revers speed then russian counterparts

Yes, reserve too speed had reached not 4km/h, not 6km/h, but 23km/h!

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9th Cavalry Battalion - Royal Thai Army 👀


Talking about that; I’ve created a suggestion for it and multiple other nice things, here is the list


Here is a Type 94 truck, similar to the one in-game, except armed with a Type 2 autocannon instead of a Type 98. Due to the higher fire rate and accuracy of the Type 2, I feel that this vehicle would be a good foldered upgrade under the current Type 94 AA, as the Flakpanzer 38 is to the Flakpanzer I in the German tree.


I believe the So-Ki should have the Type 2 as well

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Indeed, I enjoy the So-Ki currently but it’s a tad bit dissapointing to me that it doesn’t get its historical armament.

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wait , what historical armaments? Is it missing an ammo type or something?

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As Noveos said above, the So-Ki actually used twin Type 2 cannons instead of the Type 98s it has in-game. If I remember correctly, the name of the tank is actually just derived from the twin cannon mount which was called the Experimental 20 mm anti-aircraft autocannon So-Ki I.


I missed this one.


Monthly passed to the developers looks great !
Tech tree Type 74G, RTA T-84 Oplot-T and even CVT mechanic


Suggestions Passed to the Developers - March 2024 - Suggestions - News - War Thunder — official forum

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…There can’t just be good things happening to the JP tree in War Thunder without a monkey’s paw curling…

Is the A6M5 Ko to go to 5.7 as a result now, or R2Y2 to 8.3? :P


What kind of nonsense is that. Spall liners are found on literally every modern MBT, by modern I mean 1970+. It’s not even an add-on thing, this is what is expected for a modern MBT to come with as default. Is it called a liner, or is it integrated somehow else, but all modern MBTs have means to reduce spalling. There isn’t a single MBT in service that does not have that and it isn’t necessarily mentioned anywhere because as said, it is expected, a default, just like electric car windows aren’t mentioned on any pamphlets or technical specs anymore, because they are considered default in 2024, while in the '80 & '90 they were heavily advertised if they came with that feature, because they were not standard at that time for many cars.

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Tank trials in Thailand in 1980s.
Jane’s Armour and Artillery 1987-1988

Commando Stingray prototype.


Vickers Mk. 3

OF-40 Mk. 2



Other vehicles not mentioned.



Leopard 1A5

FV721 ''Fox''



Got a source for that image boss? I tried having a look, reverse image searching but couldn’t find it. I’d like to read on it further :)

No idea, one of my followers on Twitter posted it on my tweet, he doesn’t say where it is from.