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japan had a lot of ww2 tanks sadly most of them due to america reusing the steel of this tanks for other purposes and scrapping them and even so top tier has aswell a lot of tanks to be added such as prototypes or upgraded versions of their tanks like the type 16 C5 the Type 10 with hardkill aps or if we ever see a 48 ton version of the type 10 that might aswell get added together with new spaa’s and possible light tanks/tank hunters like the komatsu type 01 LMAT

Out of all the vehicles, I’m waiting for the CCV as a SPAAG or Light Tank and Chu-MPM HMV or Fuji T-1A

the CCV if im not wrong its the Close Combat Vehicle wich i think would fit more into the category of a light tank and honestly seems like a buffed up HSTVL on wheels

I really want the Ho-Ru, but IIRC no one knows if the back of the casemate is armored or left open. There’s only one drawing of it

Unfortunately most players are not interested in light Japanese tanks

New suggestions are up, please take a look! (´∀`)♡


Kinda sad honestly, Japan low tier just not noob friendly compared to other nations. In fact, the entire tech tree isn’t. Only played by experienced players and Japan mains which are a few numbers.
Screenshot 2024-01-27 074757
Really enjoy kicking butt with Ke-Ni though lol Really want more variants of it and other tanks as I am one of the few who is extremely interested on these tanks.


Yeah, this is why my lastest suggestions are mostly made of low tier tanks equipped with usable guns such as the 57mm tank gun with Type 3 HEAT round which is enough to pen most tanks they will be facing or at least based of my experience with the Chi-Ha.


found some info regarding the new ifv with no name for japan apparently its more like a vehicle to compete against the patria altough japan seems more interested in buying the patria due to it being cheaper and very good, the Common Tactical Wheeled Vehicle seems to be a demonstrator from mitsubishi in order to win a competition on what common wheeled vehicle will be used for the JGSDF so it is probable that we see more upgrades or versions of this aswell as we see versions presented for the Patria AMV

Was “medium tank model 94” designation used? If not, then did Japanese have some other way to distinguish the third one? Also does anyone know if it really had 160hp engine at the end?

medium tank model 89A


medium tank model 89B


medium tank model 94


Compliation of the Type 98 20mm AAG carriers.


It is actually modelled, if you depress your gun with it. Tho it is not modelled as a mechanic.
Smae goes with the ARL-44 ACL-1.

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would be good to ping a mod for this to review it

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So chances are it was constructed since it probably wouldn’t have taken a lot of time though no one can be sure since the lack of available documentation.

Type 89 is complicated, there are so many different variants. But there is no Type 94 medium tank, only type 94 tankette.
All i know about this tank is the the Type 89 i-go otsu is the last variant which also seems to be the tank shown as the model 94.

We don’t have this one in the game, we have the Type 89 i-go ko. The only thing i can tell is that The Ko has a machine gun port on the left side and the driver on the right side, and vice versa for the Otsu and it has a diesel engine.

According to this site

“It should be noted that there is an alternative theory regarding the diesel engine of the Otsu model, suggesting the existence of an inline-8 cylinder engine with an output of 150hp, referred to as ‘8150.’”


Can’t say for certain, finding anything about it is almost impossible.

Yeah cause ton of it was burned and what wasn’t is locked up. Hidden from public view. Unless your a historian who;s gotten permission to look at it and even then i doubt you can publically take pictures of it.

Girls Und Panzer Fucking Lied to me. I thought Type 89 Duck Dono was a fast light tank. but nah


Type 1 Ho-Ha halftrack.

I really hope that with Japan being in Enlisted might get them to prioritizing more towards japanese ww2 tanks because they can be shared between two games.


I forget about enlisted…do you play it its interesting the IJA is represented there