General Dynamics Griffin III IFV: The 50mm Armor Shredder

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Griffin III IFV : The 50mm Armor Shredder


The Griffin III IFV Technology Demonstrator, armed with future warfare technology.

  • Description :
    • The Griffin III Infantry Fighting Vehicle is an upcoming Infantry Fighting Vehicle being developed for the Optionally-Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) Program (itself part of the Next Generation Combat Vehicle (NGCV) Program) for the United States Army. The OMFV program, initiated in 2017, is a program to replace the Bradley series of Infantry Fighting Vehicles with a optionally manned fighting vehicle that can be easily transportable and has a the U.S. Army designed XM913 50mm primary gun. The Army has shown willingness to utilize a 30mm gun initially until a 50mm can be included. The program was cancelled January 16th, 2020 after a statement from Army officials, claiming the original program was too “aggressive” in trying to meet goals which manufacturers may not be able to make. Making some adjustments, loosening the strict requirements, the program was reinstated February 7th, 2020. After the program restart, the program initially included 5 contenders/manufacturers: General Dynamics Land Systems, Rheinmetall-Raytheon, BAE Systems, Oshkosh Defense, and Point Blank Enterprises. The Army now plans to award the first contract in the fourth quarter of FY2021, with a second award planned for the second quarter of FY2023 and down-select to a single vendor in the second quarter of FY2027. The new program guidance also calls for a full-rate production decision in the third quarter of FY2029. The Army now plans for the first unit to be equipped in the fourth quarter of FY2028. The winner of the program will receive contracts worth billions to produce up to 3,590 vehicles for the Army. This suggestion focuses on the General Dynamics Land Systems Griffin III.
    • The Griffin III, first unveiled at the 2018 Association of the United States Army Exposition, featured numerous upgrades and capabilities expected in a next generation platform. These included the Iron Fist APS system, 3rd Generation FLIR, Enhanced Fire Control System similar to the M1A2 SEPv3 Abrams, the Switchblade Loitering Munition UAV integration, Tacticam camouflage and much more. The vehicle is also an open architecture design, capable of accepting future upgrades allowing it to keep up with adversaries. Due to its design, it is also able to accept and integrate an ATGM platform however, there are no plans to include this at this time. Another primary feature of this vehicle is the XM913 50mm Chain Gun. This gun can firing both APFSDS-T and HE-AB to engage ground vehicles as well as low flying aircraft/UAV’s. This is further enhanced with its significant elevation capabilities. The main focus was to allow the vehicle multi-engagement capabilities and to engage hostiles in urban areas/rooftops. The Army is looking into the possibility of utilizing a 30mm Chain Gun for the Griffin, if accepted, as a stopgap feature until the vehicles can be fully upgraded to the 50mm as well as funding. This is similar to the introduction of the M1 Abrams first receiving the 105mm gun then being upgraded to the 120mm gun. The system has an unspecified powerpack which is supposed to include a 1000hp Diesel Engine to be able to power the multiple electronics throughout the vehicle. The Griffin III has not been accepted and is still competing with other designs, participating in trials, and other events.
  • Armament:
    • Main Weapon: XM913 50mm Chain Gun w/ Autoloader (Optional 30mm Mk44 Bushmaster II Chain Gun)
      • Rounds:
        • XM1203 APFSDS-T Round (or Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot-Tracer)
        • XM1204 HE-AB Round (or High Explosive Air Burst)
      • Depression/Elevation: -20°/+85°
    • Additional Weapons:
      • Coaxial: 7.62mm M240C Machine Gun
      • Roof-mounted: Kongsberg 12.7mm M2HB CROWS Remote Weapon System
      • Tertiary: 9x AeroEnvironment Switchblade 300 Loitering Munition Launch Tubes
        • Warhead: Northrop Grumman Advanced Warhead
          • Direct or proximity detonation.
        • Flight Range: 10km
        • Max speed:148km/h
        • Endurance: 15 minutes
  • Maneuverability:
    • Engine: Unspecified/1000hp Diesel Engine
    • Transmission: Unspecified/TBD
    • Chassis: Torsion Bar (Modified AJAX)
    • Max Speed: ~65-75km/h
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: ~7.5m/TBD
    • Width: ~3.0m/TBD
    • Height: Unspecified/TBD
    • Weight: ~40t ( up to 50t w/ Combat Loadout)
  • Crew (2-3x):
    • Commander
    • Driver
    • Gunner (Optional)
    • 6-Man Squad
  • Features:
    • 8x Smoke Grenade Launchers
    • Laser Rangefinder
    • Composite Addon Armor
      • Capable of 14.5mm to 30mm protection.
    • AeroEnvironment Switchblade 300 Loitering Munitions:
      • Guided drone designed to fly and detonate on its target.
      • Detonates similar to a shotgun blast, launching shaped-explosive charge.
        • Similar capabilities to an advanced 40mm fragmentation round.
      • 3rd-generation Infrared imager used to scout targets.
      • Launched from tubes on the top of the turret.
      • Small enough to possibly be missed by SPAA vehicle RADAR.
    • Optics:
      • Commander: MX-GCS 3rd Generation FLIR/CITV
      • Gunner: MX-GCS 3rd Generation FLIR
      • Driver: Unspecified/Thermal Imager
    • Iron Fist Light Decoupled (IF-LD) APS:
      • Hard-kill APS system designed to intercept incoming RPG’s, ATGM’s, and RR’s.
      • 2x Launchers, one on the front left side of the turret, the other on the right rear side of the turret for 360 degree protection.
      • 4x Radars and 4x Optical Sensors mounted externally are used to locate and destroy incoming targets.
      • Digital Processors are located inside the vehicle
    • Armorworks Tacticam Hexagon Camouflage
      • Decreases signature on RADAR’s, Thermal Viewers and other Detection Systems.
    • Kongsberg 12.7mm M2HB CROWS Remote Weapon System
      • 12.7mm M2HB in a remote turret.
    • Laser Warning System (LWS)
  • Reason for Implementation:
    • This vehicle would be a major step forward in high ranks because it features technology yet to be implemented in-game. This vehicle would be an excellent rival to the Kurganets-25 IFV currently used by the Russian Federation or other advanced infantry fighting vehicles or light tanks. The advanced 50mm gun with APFSDS-T rounds would tear through all types of armor. Not to mention, the Air Burst rounds can successfully target helicopters and low flying aircraft. Also equipped is the Switchblade which, while not a powerful warhead, can target pesky long distance helicopters without being detected, loiter for 15 minutes to provide valuable scouting data, and damage vehicle modules with its advanced warhead. For protection, the Iron Fist will prove valuable as seen on the Challenger 2 Black Knight. With the full introduction of drones and APS systems, the Griffin III IFV is ready to meet its adversaries in-game.
    • Estimated Battle Rating: 10.7
  • Sources:
  • Additional Notes:
    • More information will be gathered to finish gaps of capabilities. The overall design could change to meet U.S. Army requirements.








Different views of the Griffin III Technology Demonstrator at AUSA.


Griffin III interior.


View of the Griffin III without the Tacticam Camouflage.

50mm rounds fired from the Griffin III’s XM913 50mm gun.

XM913 50mm weapon demonstration.

Video covering capabilities of the Griffin III IFV. Note the IF-LD APS system and launching tube for AE Switchblade 300.

Griffin III video by Janes. Different angle.


3D Visual of the AeroEnvironment Switchblade 300 Loitering Munition.


The AE Switchblade 300. Note the wings are folded inward to be launched from a tube.


Iron Fist Light Decoupled (IF-LD) APS Launcher.


Components of the Griffin III’s APS System.


An image showing the interception of a HEAT Charge (Right) by a IF-LD APS round (Left).

Iron Fist demonstration video by Elbit Systems.


This thing is wild and I’ve gotta have it! +1

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We need it. Sweden cant be the only one with cool IFVs

Prototype for now, but extremely likely to be the eventual Bradley replacement. Seems like a great addition.

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Thats not a problem. The 2S38 says hi. Lets add it.