Gemrany rank 3 scout when?

Gaijin omgwtf123!!! where German rank 3 scout at?

We too broke to buy premium puma and rank 2 puma big rp penalty!

Rusia bias

(joking, obviously. I know that Gaijin has many vehicles in the pipeline and it takes time to fill out all tech trees and they are aware of each tree deficiencies, just wanted to ask for this vehicle in funny way)

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Do you have a suggestion for a vehicle that would fit the rank and function?

roket puma wunderweapon

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VK 16.02 Leopard could be fun if it had ever existed.

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Unironically Sdkfz 234/2 should be just put at rank III. Even at the cost of a higher BR if that’s the price.

Everyone always makes fun of German teams how they are “blind”. Gee, I wonder why? It surely has got nothing to do with the nonexistence of light vehicles between 3.7 - 6.3. I wonder why USA teams spam CAS when they mostly consist of M18 / M41, scouting the entire enemy team and then get CAS SP reduction because of it. Hmmmmm, what a mystery.


The easiest thing to do would be to have a lower BR version of the Lek Panzer, the same way China has with the Bulldog, with fewer capabilities to justify the BR reduction.

There are other postwar light vehicles that could fill this function as well. There is a thread in the machinery of war section discussing these options.

Wartime, nothing I can really think of. The Luchs would probably end up going where the Puma used to be before it climbed in BR, so it would likely still not be rank III, and ditto for the insanely uparmoured variant of the Pz II (was it the J?)

The German ground tech tree is incredibly strong almost everywhere, and surely the needs of minor nations must take priority, but if there are two weaknesses that I think hold back Germany in two specific parts of the tree, it’s the lack of a light vehicle at Rank III (no spotting, harder to get into CAS, to cap first, to win the initial engagement) and lack of a medium vehicle between the Panther F and the Patton.

Similar to how the US tree is incredibly strong but currently lacks a decent SPAA option to go after the Duster.

Yeah honestly yeah. Move the Puma to rank 3 and then you don’t even really need anything to fill the gap since the Pz.38(t) super fast version is still in rank 2. If its supposed to be a scout, the Puma does well until like ~5.7 so it would be absolutely fine.

If the PaK Puma hadn’t been an event vehicle I think it (with a scouting ability) would make a great Rank 3 scout.


I have the Sdkfz 234/4. It’s my most played ground vehicle. Putting it up as an event vehicle was a huge mistake and overall detriment to the German experience for many players who joined after 2019.
There should be a standard TT version of it and the event version should recieve a special camouflage to make it unique.


There are other variants of the 234/4 with different but similarly effective armament that could also be added.

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This thread has a bunch of good suggestions: Easy and fast way to solved light tank problem in German tech tree - #21 by Chris4win

TL;DR: LekPanzer with only solid shot. East German PT-76. Variants of 234/4. Marder without ATGM.

There is a different thread - can’t even remember which one - that also suggested early Bundeswehr light vehicle designs which seemed pretty cool.


I made a topic about more vehicles which could fit the gap aswell. Still need to add the marder and a few more vehicles when I have more time.

The Alvis Saladin is very promising aswell. West Germany had 92 under the name “Sonderwagen 3”. 90mm pen with hesh isn’t that bad and would fit at 4.7 or something


May this year be the year 😁


Bundeswehr M41 with AP (APDS) → want
PT-76 → no
234/x → AFAIK all of them are already in the game. 3 are premium/event and 1 is sub rank III. -_-
Marder with only 20mm - French already got something like this - AMX-10P at 5.7. No reason why Germany shouldn’t get the Marder without ATGM or the Spz HS.30 Lang (Schützenpanzer Lang HS.30 - Wikipedia).

To be fair, Germany (and USA) could really use a rank III-IV rapid fire 20mm. All other nations have some variation of it, so the can of worms has already been opened. That Marder I. would be perfect.

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Shoving everything into rank 2 to force people to play higher BRs is extremely annoying, if you get a task to do scouting you’re forced to play what, 6.7? How are newer players going to participate in anything without grinding down half a tech tree?

God forbid they play a minor nation and have to get kills in a heavy tank, better pull out your wallet little Johnny or grind an entirely different tree because there are no heavy tanks.

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Rather spähpanzer kurz, because then we can get the 90mm version later on. But both the lang and kurz can’t use dm63 and are limited to apcr, which would put them both much lower than the sub1-2 and amx10p



I have an idea. Import slot. 1 at each rank for each nation. Allows you to import 1 vehicle from another nation to fill the missing gaps

Not all: 234/4 mit AK7B (alternative gun for the 75mm Pakpuma) - enough to be viable for inclusion? - Light Vehicles - War Thunder - Official Forum

You could create a very nice progression of lights with the Kurz, the LeK “early” and the Marder with no ATGMs leading up to the LeK.

The Marder doubling as an SPAA would also help bolster anti CAS capabilities.

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I like the Marder option. Its domestically made vehicle, unlike PT-76 and Bulldog.

But in the end I don’t care that much, I will be happy with any addition in this way:)