Gemrany rank 3 scout when?

Really think they should make the PaK into this and then add the OG PaK into the tree with scouting

USSR needs one first Germany already has puma

I have not seen any of these present in-game, especially the last two pictured with the MG 81Z or the 7.5 cm L/48, both of which would make an excellent rank III:

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PT-76 (1957) or 76B would be my suggestion

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I made a suggestion for that actually
BT-7A (L-11)

Well, if they give correct penetration to the APCR of that cannon it could do something. Apart from that, the issue of damage registration should be reviewed, because when you shoot with the Marder A1 at some unarmored tank it takes a few seconds for it to register that you are hitting it. doing damage, so the enemy notices and kills you, before the game registers that you killed the gunner.