Easy and fast way to solved light tank problem in German tech tree

Problem with that is Luchs is just another low rank vehicle with a 20mm and Germany right now have few similar vehicles so for the moment is not necesseray. Meanwhile the other copy/paste vehicles can fill a more important and empty space in the TT and both models are created and ready for his addition.

Yeah they should just do it like the new chinese m41 with only solid shot. Would be easy to do

I remember the Germans had a handful of ww2 armoured car models. Gj could add the 8-rad or the 6-rad.

Illegitimate post war nonsense. How about something like this instead:

this would cost gaijin money in terms of pak puma sales on the market => it never happens

These are all worse than the puma, because they only have the 20mm cannon. The only ww2 vehicle which could work was the vk16.02 but it never was completed

well, like the soviets, the germans wernt too interested in light tanks. Soviets too busy pulling T-34s out of their 4sses , while Germans focusing on their wunderwaffen super tanks.

Tbh we have things ingame like the Kronshtadt that were at best 11% finished or in a configuration that was never fielded or built such as the LAV-AD with Stingers and the Hydra pod but as we know GJ as soon something is german suddenly all parameters to NOT introduce it into the game are valid. Even if the cupholder doesnt hold up to USSR coffee mug standards.

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If they hadn’t made the PaK Puma a premium a long time ago I would say to add that as a TD in the light tank line with the ability to scout. Unfortunately I don’t think there is any other vehicle quite like it until post war.

That’s why a east german pt76b or m41 with only solid shot is needed. 2 easy solutions for gaijin and better than nothing. This light tank gap is really hindering germany between 3.3 and 6.7.

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ships have a different standard. If they added the vk16.02 then they would need to readd the corelian and admit that they were wrong with removing it, which will never happen.

That is what the vk16.02 looked like:

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Remember that one time they replaced the CV90105 TML with a worse version? They might do it.

Spähpanzer Luchs would be good, not sure where it’d go though.

if they add a variant without thermals and without dm63 then it could be 5.3/5.7 like the R3. But then I would rather see the spahpanzer kurz with dm63 at that br because it fits better in ww2. It would be a worse r3 and could fit at 5.0/5.3 even with dm63 (sub-1-2 as dm63 at 5.3 aswell)

Either way GJ made enough excuses to add some USSR, US, Swedish or CN prototype BS they could also for once give Germany a domestic tank that isnt C&P and doesnt break game balance and or immersion as the others do. Before the discussion desolves in readd “insert tank”, the VK has a known chassis, cannon, engine etc. and the rest can be calculated. Due to the weak gun it actually would be a light tank that actually has to scout and require tactics to play. It wouldnt be one of those imbalanced MBT´s sponsored by Wish.

Looks quite cute, and with the Puma turret on, it will look like a mini vk3002m

What about Marder without ATGM for 5.7 to 6.3 ???

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5.7 as a light tank or spaa considering amx10p and sub1-2 are 5.3. Should get dm63 aswell


A prototype would be cool to make them visually a little bit different.

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Totally agree, +1.