Game needs XP penalty for repeat quitters

Cool, I have nothing to research while I’m being fed with ever more shitty maps and barely working core game features…
I think I’ll manage…


Yeah nah, better to incentivize staying.


Reasons to leave far outweigh the reasons to stay, blame Gaijin for designing the game this way.


Fully agree with you Caleb, I concur 👊🏽

You should look into the phrase “Beatings will continue until morale improves”

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You complain about spawn campers

You complain about ghost shell

You complain about matchmaking ruling winning
“In my 11 years of experience, my PERCEPTION is that the matchmaking strives to keep players from winning too much”

You complain about players levels being unrestricted

Complain about fairness
“In my experience, Gaijin is more interested in queue times than fair game play”

Complain about ± BR in heavies

Complain about British ammo

“I can say with certainty that Gaijin’s matchmaking system will do it’s best to punish you for winning and being a high-skill player”

Yet with all that you want that a player suffer it and re-spawn. Maybe fix the game first

PS : by the way, it’s pretty obvious that gaijin focus on new players to buy high tier premiums and doesn’t really matters anything else


I was reading this just now, then it disappeared and looks shorter


Yep, punsihing players changes nothing. Fix the reasons why they are quitting and maybe also reward players for doing so. And maybe they wont quit


And may even get more players playing

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They already did this.

If you don’t stay you get less RP due to how the rewards are calculated based on time.

And they did what you suggested, punish the quitters. You don’t get more for your battle time but get less for the lack of.

Yes, punishing the players instead of make the game better…Gaijin is probably proud of you.

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The lower RP is negated by starting a new game with higher RP.

It isn’t. Short games give shitnothing rewards.

Just scales to the duration of the game, 2x 5k RP or 1x 10k RP isn’t really going to matter.
RP also gets worse with the longer the game lasts due to fewer enemies and less activity, plus the RP cap is back.

how would this fix quitting for people that grind a singular vehicle, who arnt limiting themselves by grinding? i, for example, have already got all the vehicles i want. going beyond br 8.0 is just tiresome. i much prefer the ww2 / early cold war era where people dont overly rely on gimmicks like out of map bound heli’s with super guided rockets, or thermal vision to do the work for them. i prefer the cqc action that lower br’s bring.

how would this penalty affect players like me?

Because the system isn’t there to reward long lasting players but to punish the early quitters.

That’s why punishing is bad.

This would be for 2 very different matches, one which is performed poorly and one of which is performed better.

Gaijin only knows how to punish, it’s clear where their roots are and they have never considered positive reinforcement, just beating until morale improves.

What they have done doesn’t work! I mentioned also decreasing there rank for deserting! but these are all just the wrong way to go about it! Gameplay isn’t that great and leaves people with low morale and come away with a negative aspect of the game! Developers need to improve the game so this doesn’t keep happening!

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Go away troll