Matchmaking in RB for heavy tanks is fundamentally flawed

This 1.0 spread in the matchmaking for heavy tanks does not work. Most of the balance problems in this game is caused by it. A downtiered heavy tank is a license to club the entire enemy team single-handedly … get uptiered and your cannon is literally the most useless on the entire team.

I’ve seen an IS-1 fully downtiered get 22 kills in one match without dying. The only way to fix this is to reduce the BR spread for heavy tanks and force it to be selected as the first spawn for the player so they can’t just select a medium tank instead.

Quantitative matchmaking would also be a welcome change because I’ve seen teams with 15 heavy tanks of GER + SOV and it’s literally impossible to defeat them.

The better solution would be a bunch of decompression. Increading the max BR by 2.0 would be the ideal thing to do, rather than changing the BR spread or limiting the times you can spawn a heavy.

Heavy tanks currently are too bad in uptiers, and some are too good in downtiers.

Plus heavy tanks aren’t invenerable in downtiers too, often they can be easily flanks, or have weakspots (such as the IS series LFP and the jumbos mg port)