Level-locking Ranks in RB

The problem: low level/new players have no idea how RB works and most of the time lack the skill to even be effective.

I see this game-after-game … half of each team at battle rating 4.7+ is comprised of low-level players, usually level 5 - 10.

We really need some kind of barrier to prevent these players from joining matches they aren’t ready for because not only does it create a bad experience for that player, but it ruins competitive play.

Each BR needs level requirements:
1.0 - 3.0 Rank 1 (no requirement)
3.0 - 3.7 Rank 5
3.7 - 4.7 Rank 10
4.7 - 5.7 Rank 15
5.7 - 6.7 Rank 20
6.7+ Rank 25

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And, there’s some reason you need to gate keep someone else’s decision to buy a tier 7 premium when new to the game because they have no interest in playing WW2/Korea era vehciles? Even if they have to learn, who are you to say they cannot play the game they want to play unless they reach level X?

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Yeah no. Cuts out on potential to make money and i dont see good in general, level locks will not stop bad players from being bad players.

Didn’t mean to reply to you mb.

The game already prevents new players from playing REALISTIC BATTLES for a certain amount of time (1 - 2 days) … my suggestion is to make it based on level progress, not a fixed amount of time. The person will still be able to play arcade battles, which is where all new players are forced to start anyway.

A player shouldn’t be limited on the BRs they play just because they are too low of a level. Especially when they got to that’s BR without any $$$ spent.

If a player got there without paying, they should be able to play anything they can get.

The better solution would be actual tutorials that help new players learn how to do stuff.

gajin is a company. do you really think they would do this and cut away a big chunk of their income?

Encourage players to get better … punishing is never a good idea.

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Yeah sure only low level players do that, LMAO

Yes let’s magically gatekeep BR’s surely that will bring more people to the game. 100% you know I don’t want to play 7.7->12.0 every single day only cause I no longer can play lower than that due to my rank This entire post is such a dumb idea.

Everybody is different. Some players wander across War Thunder by mistake while others are introduced to it by friends and shown how it works or have played it many times before even starting their own game.

It really is fine how it is. Just do some research and watch the replays to see how high scoring players did it.
There is so information around on how to cut corners.

And what will that do? The difference in experince will be as much as 400%, depending if premium time and vehicle is used or not. You might as well throw a dice.

Give them a tutorial first, just like sim but per tier, such things as energy manoeuvres, split S et .then again there are some good players who forget these things 😆

No, we don’t because they are not an issue. Gaijin already puts similar numbers of newbies and veterans on each team, so they already just cancel out, and it is still a challenge for the veterans/aces to win versus the matches group of other veterans/aces on the enemy team, as things are right now.

All this does is throw business revenue away for no reason at all.

The only time it’s really ever an issue is temporarily right after a major new premium is added that everyone wants to try out. But 1) Again, temporary, 2) This is ONLY an issue in RB modes, not AB modes, since without nation-based matchmaking, they still cancel each other out on both teams. So less of an issue than people make it out to be, and 3) it would be better solved by just having multiple of such vehicles released at once in different nations, rather than quite so sprinkled out over time.