Gaijin should be more open to vehicle removal and more strict about vehicle addition

It’s easy to assume Gaijin eventually intends to add as many vehicles to the game as possible. Perhaps it is true but we see some cracks in that theory. TEC reminded me in his latest video of how Gaijin removed vehicles like the Tiger II 105, Coelian, and Maus due to realism standards, and then added vehicles that wouldn’t pass under the same criteria.

Yet proposing today to remove a vehicle from the game would sound like a far fetched proposal. Well it shouldn’t be.
Gaijin should consider removing existing vehicles that harm gameplay if they do not intend to build mechanics around them to make them more balanced.

Take for example the Vautours. They will soon become rank 6 aircraft and thus lose the air spawn. Gaijin could either revise the air spawn criteria or perhaps give Vautours an exception and let them spawn in the air. But if it doesn’t, they lose their viability. Not all players are experts in this game. Imagine a new player grinds France’s or Israel’s air TT first, gets excited about getting the Vautours because they look fun, and then suffers the entire duration, which might even push him off the game. Now imagine it’s not just the Vautours but also many other vehicles along the way - half are viable, half aren’t, and he doesn’t know which to skip so he just thinks the game is really bad (well…).

Additionally, if Gaijin knows some vehicles cannot be truly balanced, and they do not intend to introduce any mechanics to make them viable, then they shouldn’t be added in the first place.

I suggest Gaijin make periodic polls about vehicle performance and promise to take corrective measures (anything, not necessarily remove a vehicle) within, at most, a single major update.


I’m gonna say it:

Warthunder is not a tank fighting game. It’s a tank collection game. It’s combat part is ancillary to advancing in the tech tree and unlocking new vehicles. In other words: it’s Pokémon, but with tanks instead of cute monsters. Gaijin has committed to this format and will add as much shit as possible, regardless of how useless and difficult to balance it will be.


Honestly it’s extremely surprising to hear someone like TEC (the last person I’d listen to about anything regarding sincerity and agreeableness, dude is as close as you can get to being a paid shill without being one, I think he’s not anyway) talk about this, though I’m only a bit into the video and he has plenty of time in his snoozefest half feature film to double back and start to be unreasonable again.


Yes THIS please god. It does not MATTER if a vehicle is “theoretically balanced”. It does NOT MATTER if a vehicle is “technically balanced according to our statikistiZs” it only matters if the vehicle is fun to play with AND against. There are so many vehicles that ruin entire BRs of the game that gaijin refuses to address.


In ground battles, more players are playing Russian vehicles than all other nations combined at every tier. EVERY TIER.

That says something. Variety in this game counts for NOTHING if the game is only manageable with one nation. And that nation is Russia all across the board.

I will repeat one more time, Russians have more players than all other nations have COMBINED!
Let that sink in.

So variety in this game counts for nothing, 70% of those vehicles get dunked on by Russia.

The top tier is especially unplayable. Favoritism is quite apparent and I have all the vehicles at the top tier.

If they cared about balance we wouldn’t be talking about that. Having even European Canadian (which I personally don’t agree with many times) speak about that so openly, and even promising part 2 of the topic speaks volumes of the issue within the game. That is from the start of the game really.


More players are playing Russian vehicles than all other nations combined at every tier.

Blatantly false if you’re trying to imply this globally. At least on NA/EU servers, USA air for example is like 10x as popular as the next most popular nation…

Not that I don’t think there is russian bias from the devs, you just need to have better arguments.



I don’t care about air battles. They are dead and boring as soon as they added BVR to furball fights.
I was talking about ground forces in general.
I thought that I was being clear but hey. Everybody nitpicks around here.

I’m going to change my above post so people know I was talking about ground forces.


I don’t care about air battles.

Then specify you are talking about ground so there is no confusion.

Everybody nitpicks around here.

Sounds like you’re getting mad at me for your own problem

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I’m not getting mad, what’s wrong with you haha? Since when did you start to become RazerVon 2.0?

Or Vautours could be made 8.7 and thus relevant, as they’ve always been in simulator.
Real vehicles should never be removed.


That’s not the format of WT.
Gaijin is adding as much stuff now, because it only gets more expensive to add it later on.


Top BRs are “unplayable” due to CAS, which isn’t Soviet as they don’t have on-par CAS until next patch with SMT.
Gaijin can’t force players to play all tech trees as you’re implying they should.

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For ground he is right.

In alot Ground RB top tier matches, Russia is the only nation which often is alone vs. a mix of all other nation teams. Even worse: In quite a few matches Russia appears on both sides and its Ru vs Ru. Thats a clear indication that there are too many ru player queued up and the matchmaker needs to stretch some MM rules to keep matchmaking going.

Also, last times I counted numbers for top tier GRB, Ru had twice the player count looking for a match than everyone else combined.

Just a screenshot from the recent event, and that not even the worst one in that regard. I remember MM queues with amost 100 ru player waiting, while for the other nations it was all single digits…

Reason is easy, T-80’s are that hard to take out (too survivable post pen, too strong armor), that its almost impossible to stop these T-80 packs, which all rush together and cover each other. While they usually take out tanks with one center mass shot, all oppisition has to aim carefully first and still often needs more than one penetration to take them out. Which results in a unstoppable Tsunami wave when there are more going together and cover each other. Also applies for side shots below the turret, they usually need too many hits…which costs too much time…time you don’t have.

Games are often decided after mere 3 minutes and on small maps like factory etc. its indeed sometimes over after 5 minutes against a T-80 rush team.

Something Gajin needs to do. I’ve got the impression that people just surrender mentally when they see they are against russia and leave, some even before the battle. T-80, Pantsir, Vikhr Helis, Indestructable Su-25/35 and sneaky Mig-27 with its ez quad kill capabiliry. Meh…everyone else’s air force is shot shot down by Pantsir and never makes it above the battlefield.


top tier is unplayable because of the soviets.


Soviet tanks are easy to kill, and their players aren’t as skilled as many seem to think.
They’re more skilled than the average Abrams player it seems.


Yes, and thus all vehicles, including the 3 German Tanks, are to be accessible to all players. Either as Recurring Rerun Event Rewards (RRER), TT, Premium, Store Bundle, Holiday, Temporary Research or Market Coupons.

Gaijin made and Added such Vehicles, now it is only Fair for all of Us to get our Collective Hands on them.

A Game as strict as the OP demands would devolve into some Niche-pleaser that wouldn’t last long. The game you want does not Exist yet, and WT is not going to be that game.

“[…]The easier access a larger percentage of the playerbase has to a wider range of the game’s content, the better.”

Soviet tanks are easy to kill

Don’t agree.

and their players aren’t as skilled as many seem to think.

i don’t think any major nation has better players than any other. They all suck. Only minor nation players are any good on average


they arent skilled and are saved by the no spall no ammo rack characteristics of russian bias


No major has any players that are better than any other major in GRB.

Even then, there are 2 notable exceptions, China and Sweden.

China has a large playerbase regardless, because they have a loyal playerbase that will play China regardless of how good it is due to nationalism/desire to play one’s own nation. As such, the typical skill of a CN player is more average than say, Italy or France.

Sweden has proven to be a nation that recieves favoritism in Ground, mostly at the higher tiers by having better versions of German equipment, and more, as well as cherry picking some of the best stuff from other nations too, like the T 80U and having access to Russian and German stuff at low tiers in addition to their own. People are picking up on this and as such Sweden is approaching a similar number of players to the US at 9.0+, and the new even vehicle is only accelerating this process.

The “High Skill” nations remaining would be UK, ITA, FRA, JP, and Isreal, which is a tiny fraction of the overall playerbase.


Ammo blows up 100% of the time on T-80s for me.
Just cause you think Arietes, Leopard 2s, T-80s, etc don’t blow up doesn’t mean that’s true.

What? Read my post again.