Gaijin should be more open to vehicle removal and more strict about vehicle addition

I mean Russia gets everything, great lineups for every BR.

Powerful CAS, powerful AA, powerful tanks - sporting unrealstic armor while other nations don’t get their real armor (despite people even showing them non classified documents.

I didn’t realize how powerful RU is until I got a T80. The only thing that stops me are other T80s and CAS.

I mean anytime another nation gets something on par they either nerf it or send it to the moon in BR.

At least Russian players feel the sting of that with the new SU25.

And of course we have the Yak 141 debacle.

At least the Maus comes back sometimes - actually whats really funny if you look into the story of world of tanks and how they planned on restoring the real Maus and the Russian media called them facists and that was the end of that.


Dont forget the 2S38 which technically hasnt even entered service yet IRL. Its a 2023+ vehicle, at 10.0


I did, was clarifying some instances where minor nations are as average skilled as the typical player of major nations, even then, I’d say WW2 Germans are less skilled and post-War Russians are less skilled due to higher player volume and reliance on “juiced” vehicles/ahistorical nerfs of the oppossition.

There is a server called “RU”, check it out.

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That thing should be removed from the game honestly, with players who own them being compensated with an equivalent premium replacement like they did with the ficticious CV90105, maybe a BMD 4 variant?

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Yep and it has all the capabilities.

Meanwhile we still cant get the L26 for the DS Challenger

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I never mentioned minor nations once. So i don’t think you did

what about it

Let me jog your memory

honestly forgot I typed that last part, but it’s still true what I said.

It took them forever to even add the CV’s Falaric missiles.

Kinda, refer to my above posts.

already read, they don’t actually detract from what I said. I DID NOT SAY a minor nation player = good, I said on average, the ONLY good players are playing minor nationss

To elaborate, WW2 Ger and post-war Russian mains are the worst players on average in the game in terms of K/D with vehicle strength and lineups accounted for, at least in ground, in Air it looks a little different.

I’ll take that as a challenege and accept it.

A lot of higher tier players arent that good but the RU vehicles are just so strong it makes up for that.

Playing a minor nation you really gotta play carefully so you generally see better stats.

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Again, 6/10 points, Sweden and China are exceptions, because people still aren’t realizing how jacked Sweden is at high tiers, though with the event I’d imagine some are beginning to, and China with it’s massive national playerbase.

China is essentially RU with a lot of the same style vehicles.

Sweden has some good stuff, I had to take a break from the UK and play sweden but god high tier is still awful.

Britain from BR6/7 onwards, you have to know exactly which rivet to hit otherwise your shells do absolutely no damage. soviets in contrast (not alone , but mostly them) just need to roughly hit hte target for a kill. This means people who stick it out and play a country like Britain, need a lot more skill to perform equally well vs most other nations. Just need ot look top tier in air as well for that, Tornado F3 vs Mig-29, F-14 or F-16. Its not even close to a fair fight.


The F3 is just so sad.

I have to fight Mig 29s, F14 and 16s in my F1C all the time and it sucks. Especially since gaijin doesn’t really understand how pulse guided missiles work and it makes things rough.