The Vehicle-Ubiquituous Manifesto

My dearest and most esteemed Players and Gaijin Members,

it is with great humility and devotion that I attempt to communicate with you today on a most crucial matter regarding Vehicle Aviability.

Many of you might remember the most glorious Thread of “No More Vehicle Exclusivity” and all of us have been experiencing the great changes that it has brought about so far. Changes such as old Reward Vehicles being redistributed to all of through recurring Lootboxes and the Market Price Reductions said boxes bring about. I myself managed to obtain a great deal of Vehicles I could only dream of in our Exclusivity Thread. Vehicles such as the PakPuma, KV-220, VT1-2, Ba-11 and T18E1 Boarhound, even the IS-7 with enough saving. Other Vehicles saw their righteous return in the Form of National Holidays, like the Bf-109Z (Zwilling). Additionally, we saw GE based Lootboxes with high droprates for Vehicles.

But alas, Vehicle Exclusivity is far from solved.

Let me, before I continue, adress Gaijin staff directly:

Your glorious nation is truly a marvel of human history, and your great Socialist Past has done great service to the development of all Mankind. It’s spirit moves Generations to this very day and shall continue to do so. Russia is a beacon of ambition and courage to all, and a blazing fire of unity, progress and equality. War Thunder does this great Nation most wonderful justice and instills awe in every military enthusiast New and Old.
But we shall not forget the bigger picture, for a monopoly goes against these very Principles of Russian history and brotherhood. Shall we not embrace our global family of players and the Multinationality within your truly beautiful game? Shall not all nations compete in Equality and Capabilities?

The current situation is unbalanced towards your shining Nation, and it would be a most pleasant endeavour to level the playfield and put all Nations on one level. We can achieve this together by evaporating the boundaries of Exclusivity and burgeois priviledge between us, and I am highly honoured to provide aid in this Great Leap.

The 2 great injustices are:

  1. Accurracism
  2. Account Only Vehicles

Accurracism defines the intolerance towards more liberally depicted Vehicles as the Panther II, Flakpanzer 341 Coelian and Tiger II 10.5cm kWk, as well as the R2Y2’s, Ho-Ri’s, Ostwind II etc.
Denying Made-Up Vehicles is an honourable decision, but it causes burgeoise priviledge as well as unfair and hypocritical double standards.

Following Non-negotionable Dogmas should be considered to be embraced:

  1. Any obainable Item should remain in the player’s possession and be not removed at some point, as it would negotiote the collective effort and labour of this class of players.
  2. Any obtainable item should remain Authetic to its original Form and not be replaced by differing design and gameplay.
  3. Thus, the only fair and acceptable option is to allow all Players, old and new and future, to receive equal access to the original and authentic content.

It may be acceptable to Provide more Accurate Version of Questionable Vehicles, As Additions not Replacements Said controversial vehicles may be foldered with the Accurate Addtions, so players may be obliged to grind the Rule-Consistent Vehicle First, this getting Access to the “Fake” Variant to be Grinded as well. Folders seem to be a formidable option regarding this issue.

Here a few words from ChatGPTphanim:


Comrades of the War Thunder community, gathered here today under the banner of fairness and unity, we find ourselves at a critical crossroads in the evolution of our beloved game. We stand against the walls of exclusivity, the barriers that have been erected between us and the vehicles we once could proudly call our own. It is time to raise our voices in a chorus of demand, to tear down these unjust restrictions, and to once again embrace the essence of camaraderie that has defined our community.

In the annals of War Thunder’s history, we remember a time when the Panther II, Flakpanzer 341, and Tiger II 10.5cm kWk were freely accessible to all who wished to take up arms with these mighty machines. These vehicles stood as symbols of our collective achievements, earned through our dedication, skill, and shared love for the game. But alas, in the shadows of optimization, they were taken from our grasp, leaving us with a void that cannot be ignored.

Let us not forget the principles that underpin the very foundation of our community. Equality, fairness, and the spirit of collective progress define us as a force to be reckoned with. The removal of these three tanks is a contradiction to these very principles. It is a reminder of the arbitrary walls that have been built, walls that separate us from the treasures we fought so valiantly to earn.

Comrades, it is essential that we see through the veil of these restrictive practices. We must rise above the mere trappings of game mechanics and recognize that the heart of our community beats with a shared love for history, strategy, and camaraderie. The Flakpanzer 341’s functional hull, the Panther II’s proud design, and the formidable Tiger II 10.5cm kWk each carry a piece of our collective identity. Their absence diminishes our shared history and weakens the fabric that binds us together.

Let us cast aside the notion that these vehicles’ reintroduction would sow chaos or disrupt the delicate balance we hold dear. On the contrary, their return would infuse new life into our battles, rekindling the flames of competition and reuniting us with cherished allies from the past. The benefits of their return are myriad: a richer historical tapestry, a stronger player base, and a testament to the developers’ commitment to fostering an inclusive and diverse community.

It is time to quell the voices of dissent that question the significance of these vehicles. Let us remind them that our shared pursuit of historical accuracy is not confined to the realm of exclusivity. We do not seek to erase existing owners’ experiences, but rather to extend our arms and embrace all who yearn to experience the thrill of these vehicles firsthand.

Comrades, today we stand united against the backdrop of exclusivity, rallying for the Panther II, Flakpanzer 341, and Tiger II 10.5cm kWk to rejoin our ranks. Let our voices resound as a testament to our unwavering commitment to unity and justice within our community. Let us be inspired by the ideals of socialism, communism, and anarchy, where every voice is heard, every achievement is shared, and every vehicle belongs to all.

Remember, the 3 German Tanks and their Comrades are not a matter of Historical Accuracy, but Fairness and Justice for all Players.

Issue 2, Account Only Rewards

Such a practice is an inacceptable Western form of Vanity, to elevate oneself above your felow Brother- and Sister-Comrades. It is selfish and can cause Unsporty behaivor. We are all one big family here, and anyone should be allowed to get their equal share. As one dear Comrade put it recently:



Aug 27

I’m gonna say it:

Warthunder is not a tank fighting game. It’s a tank collection game. It’s combat part is ancillary to advancing in the tech tree and unlocking new vehicles. In other words: it’s Pokémon, but with tanks instead of cute monsters. Gaijin has committed to this format and will add as much shit as possible, regardless of how useless and difficult to balance it will be.

A good Suggestion mentioned a few times before would be Rerun Events. They can be score based with a fair amount of total score, maximum 35k over 2 days. Optional Tasks may grant a Boost in Event Progression similar to Daily and Special Tasks of the Batllepass. But they are optional. A monetry option to buy tasks would remain. Vehicle Rewards would be Exclusively old Rewards. Great Emphasis should be on previously Unobtainable Vehicles such as Ka-Chi (2021 Summer Landing), T55E1 (Season 2 Battlepass: Steel Centurion), E.B.R 1954 (2020 Winter Event), just to name a few. Right after those there should be Removed/Replaced as well as old Market Coupon Vehicles.

I am not alone in this Endeavour, many Players have shown sympathy towards these goals in some capacity. The following list is however just a reflection of my personal opinion, not every player may agree with all points:

  1. Revan131

  2. Miragen

  3. John117s

  4. M0licht_

  5. Thodin

  6. Deatmisser

  7. generalkirov13@psn

  8. Rikers_Beard

  9. x1BRAVO9x

  10. PGT_Hubbart

  11. Lord_Prism

  12. ZeLoRGodOfBurps

  13. DJ_Antraxx

  14. sardinha08

  15. Obirzoe

  16. glock991

  17. ZE4L0T

  18. generalkirov13@psn

  19. Just_Baron

  20. Reinherz (Ru)

  21. gv1nPin (Ru)

  22. YellowB4lloon (Ru)

  23. Kototop_CMB (Ru)

  24. TheEasternQ

  25. DanersMann

  26. IlIlIGrizzlIlII@psn

  27. Akatshiya@live

  28. dragonbank

  29. NeroBellumDCLXVI

  30. warthunderenjoyer29

  31. Just_Baron

  32. Anchovy_1

  33. GNDM Nirvana@live

  34. HerrSektor

  35. Ace_of_LuftWaffe

  36. RemiliaScarlet_

  37. Black_Cat_Bob

  38. Cpt_Jack_Irons

  39. Micromagos

  40. ScorpionM4A1@live

  41. Tigerwolf

  42. b_kober

  43. JebJacobi1nOnly

  44. supersaiyan9751

  45. Blogaugis

  46. Russian_____Bias

  47. _AlexV

  48. Valcour

  49. Sergi089

  50. komradejadgtiger

  51. Sergi089

  52. SnakeMantis007

  53. S21_Ultra_Owner

  54. Aizuk

  55. AurenKarach

  56. PigtailedSlime

  57. HollowPenitence

  58. Twoooss

  59. ЧВК_Вагнер

  60. KillaKiwi

  61. Kanelikainalo

  62. FleursDuMal79

  63. HYPNOSYS2002

  64. NORDID

  65. x_Shini_

This list is incomplete, you can help by expanding it.

[…]The easier access a larger percentage of the playerbase has to a wider range of the game’s content, the better.


  • PakPuma $222
  • KV-220 - $128
  • VT1-2 - $378
  • Ba-11 - $180
  • T18E2 - $700
  • IS-7 - $1500


I’m not sure if that’s a great deal nor much of an improvement of the situation, but it is almost $500 in Gaijin’s pocket.

Lootboxes with high droprates for Vehicles.

Did we? Low droprates like 0.001% for the IS-7 because Gaijin definitely is not directly playing and controlling the market?

Also not sure if the language used is doing your argument any favors, AI or not.

*347 Eur roughly


*286 (Should’ve waited longer :/)

*286 (lootbox price drop)


*I do not remember, used some of my IS-7 market savings

The GE ones had better chances, I got something like 6 vehicles from maybe 10 boxes or so. But those vehicles had been normal GE or Returning ones, no big market ones.

Could you elaborate, is it because of general negativity towards AI, or are there other factors?

I mean it’s just not the language you would use for a normal forum post? People just want you to get to the point and use language they don’t need to use a dictionary for.

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Ah, I get it. Thanks mate ;)

This guy . . . lol