Gaijin please stop with the small maps in Top Tier

This is just a short and simple post, a request, in regards to Top Tier Ground RB specifically. Because that’s all I play so this is my only category currently to comment on.

Please stop caving in to the people crying about other players who “used to be able” to flank from the sides or snipe from high up positions, when maps “used to” have much more area and freedom of choice before all of these map changes.

Ok, if for lower tiers with slower, smaller vehicles if you want to confine the battles to smaller areas that’s understandable. But to make all these changes to Top Tier where we should have options and more freedom with the bigger, faster and more powerful vehicles is limiting the gameplay and is not a good direction to go, and dumbs down a great game.

Just a few examples of the maps are :

Sands of Sinai

El Alamein (I think) - top of mountain

Sometimes Poland


Often Ardennes

Sometimes Maginot Line

Note :

I actually like :

  1. Sands of Tunisia - it’s a lot of space and room

  2. Fields of Poland and Fields of Normandy - plenty of room even though on Poland some trees were removed and some changes made.

There seems to be more frequently all day smaller versions of almost every map now, cutting off large areas of maps and moving everyone straight into CQC, instead of letting us having options and choices like before. This is not how life should be, this is dictatorial and communist mindset and controls what others can do, whether all or a majority agree or not.

If those players who complain about flankers getting the better of them, can’t think freely for themselves and keep their heads on a swivel watching for enemies all around, that should be their individual problem and for only them to suffer. You should not be punishing the whole of the community due to the laziness and spoiled mindset of some. Please give us all our options back and open back up all of these maps and remove the limits and areas you are now cutting off. Please stop deciding for us which general direction we can go and let us have our freedoms back to explore and plot our own paths, instead of basically all being funneled straight into a narrow path to basically only look forward and brawl and often have such short battles.

While there may be some who have complained about the flanking and sniping and large maps, there are many who preferred it just the way it was. If those players are afraid of flankers or having to be flexible during battle, then they should have to adapt their game to be able to deal with all options and hazards, not have their hands held and make everything easier for them. They should have to learn to progress and up their game. Not have all the options limited and dumbed down and some taken away for the sake of some who whine and don’t want to put out the effort to adapt and deal with different circumstances.

I feel these changes are really going in a wrong direction and negativity impacting a great game that has a lot of potential, but now is going backwards. Please reconsider these changes and open all the maps back up please.


+1 Cant agree more, players need to have a different playstyle than CS-GO


Agree! With the exception of sands of Sinai. 90% of both teams would flock to the mountain and never leave. Got real stale.

They need 4 new maps for 10.0 br and higher. Red desert is the best map in the game. Need more like it


You do know the majority are for these changes. Only a small minority is opposed to them.

I love Sands of Sinai even more than previously because long range engagements are finally encouraged unlike before.
And Carpathians essentially didn’t change though it did get a non-spawn killing spawn option for both sides.

Neat post, I support your opinion even if I share minor disagreements.


Absolutely. I think the worst offender is Advance to the Rhine. At low tiers it isn’t a bad map or anything. But at high tiers it is literally a COD-style 3 lane map. It would be quite easy to fix this by moving up the BR range but I guess we can’t have nice things.


What’s especially egregious is how lazily they’ve just cut off parts with complete disregard for how it impacts gameplay.

Or stuff like this where they just cut off a few meters of side of the map… as if there is anywhere to go… but if you get closer to the edge you get a timer.


those maps mentioned are still too small but im relieved when i get them

100% agree with OP

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Counterpoint: It is the most well designed map ingame, but it shouldn’t be available for top tier because It’s not the best at higher BRs.

However, it’s miles better than Sun City, Sweden, or any other urban cqc map. It isn’t good because of it’s size, it is good because it allows players to move around, and flank, and actually fight. It allows for flanking, it isn’t open, and there are so many places you can go.

Giving each side 2 spawns has made it 10x better than it was.

I actually disagree, advance of the Rhine is by far the best CQC map in the game, it offers plenty of opportunity for flanking and has plenty of cover. Same goes for American Desert. All other CQC city maps are dog water when it comes to top tier.

*Best map in entire game

Probably going to anger a lot of people but…

I quite like maps such as Middle East and Sun City. Iberian Castle, too. My favorite map is probably American Desert.

However, this is only because they have some really nice flanking routes and great CQC areas. I am very much a CQC enjoyer, I greatly enjoy brawling in tight spaces. Call me no skill Russia main but I did decently enough at it in my most played vehicle (the Chally DS). Which is in no way a CQC vehicle. If the aforementioned maps did not have those flanking routes, I would probably hate them. Sometimes I feel like people just need to not drive where everybody else goes, but also I’m probably not that smart and people have valid reasons for not liking those maps.

Perhaps ironically, I can’t stand Advance to the Rhine at high tier. All of the “flanking” routes are already being used by a light tank that will beat you there and now you have to fight him instead of potentially flanking the entire enemy team without being seen. If there was more space I probably wouldn’t hate Advance to the Rhine.

Even that one variant of Ardennes where it’s a single cap and a small town and everyone is dogpiling on said town is fun, but that’s because of the sheer chaos of the map and the fact that it is somewhat uncommon in the matchmaker.

The maps I can’t stand are the ones that are basically just open fields - Fields of Normandy and Volokolamsk come to mind. Though I probably should just find better flanking routes on those maps, for now I just leave before spawning lol.

introducing an all out war mode with maps 10+ miles (for 8.0 br and higher) wouldnt remove any of the ones you like

imagine only getting fields of poland and normandy

back in the day when it was still new for tanks and largely ww2 tanks at that these maps were and are perfectly fine

It’s up there with some of the best imo, notice how Rhine is one of the few maps to have asymmetrical caps too? The 3 lane moba style formula is not great for a game like WT.

I’m not totally against a more tactical style for GRB, my issue with it is that the rewards aren’t good enough. I don’t want to spend 20-30 minutes getting at most 3 or 4 kills when at the going rate (even with a premium) that would not get you very much RP in the grand scheme of things. So if rewards were increased I would definitely support larger maps and more tactical gameplay. But for now with the state of the game CQC brawling is the most efficient way to grind.

Not to mention that the issue with a lot of larger maps is CAS and especially drones.

No I don’t know, and I completely disagree with you.

Don’t you know, the majority dislikes these changes which I speak of, and want them reverted? Just like you said to me, I’m wrong and I’m in the minority, I can say the same thing to you. Imo you’re wrong and if we’re using numbers and ratios I overwhelmingly see and hear players NOT liking these changes and want the full, larger maps back like it was. From what I’ve seen and heard you are in the minority.

But, just like with you, it’s just my opinion and what my observations are. To get a true view on this, perhaps a poll sent to every single player is needed or advised. I know some here have “closer” relationships with Gaijin and closer in their ear, so I’m aware some of you will usually get your way. But I would surmise that if truly polled game wide, the majority would not like these smaller versions. If so then it is what it is but I’m comfortable knowing there’s many who share my views on this.


instead of just caps to go after there be more players in a 10+ mile map objectives to destroy etc

infact something like averaging 20k RP and 150k SL per game were talking about something completely new not fast paced COD style like we have every game cuz the objective pulls players all into one spot

its why i only snipe (usually) on those larger maps

plus CQC would still exist but it wouldnt be the only gameplay you get as we do currently (again for 8.0BR+)

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On Sands of Sinai I understand what this opinion is, I just still feel we should have our own options, to choose. Me personally I often chose to go to the far side in the desert and snipe across the map up to the mountain because many didn’t expect it and didn’t pay attention for it, and could also catch people off guard crossing into the center.

I think on Carpathians the only part I’ve noticed is the far side to the right of the north side has been cut off and a destruction timer put on it, over by the deep valley and woods. I know it’s not really a big deal there it just feels more cut off and less of an option to go wider. I can still flank from either spawn there but am forced to go more in the open field if if I want to sneak some hits up on the back side of the main cap hill. I notice more people are going this route lately instead of just charging the hill directly, which is good because it makes people think and be aware.

I’m just all for choice in life and being able to freely have options and as much as possible.

Thanks for your reply I appreciate we can get along and converse in a good way. Cheers for that.


On this map I’d like them to expand it out more, make the overall area longer and wider. If I remember correctly way back when I played WOTs, I think this map is similar to their Berlin (?). Just feels too congested too fast for top tier. I’m personally ok with the setup and design I’d just like it in a bigger scaled area.

I agree with you it’s too small.

Yes I would also like even larger maps. I really like Poland, it feels wider than most maps with good options of forests and hills, even though they’ve trimmed some trees out etc., and I’d like more maps to be like this and even bigger. A mix of towns with open and forests and hills. Just as @AlvisWisla says I like the Red Desert too, it has a good mix of openness with the trees in the center and plenty of room to not hit spawns easily. Yes, even bigger maps would be great.

Edit : I’d say one of my favorites is Ardennes. It’s pretty wide and hilly and has town, plenty of options and routes. I like it’s setup. I just don’t like how lately they’re pushing out the smaller versions with the spawns so near each other and we just drive directly into battle right away and the map is miniature. That ruins this map imo