Gaijin! Fix your servers and stop deadly aaa around mini-bases at prop BRs

In this match (includes replay link) on Sicily i faced 2 of the most annoying topics for me in Air RB combined:

  1. Connection losses during the match and at most critical phases
  2. Large no-fly zones on certain maps due to buffed aaa protecting mini-bases

I got intercepted in my B7A2 by an XP-50 - dragged him away released my bombs to increase my speed and he finally broke of. He scored 3 classic 3rd party kills because he went low whilst i followed him. I reclimbed and was at around 10:00 minutes in a perfect attack position - 3 km above him and faster.

  • And as extremely often in the last 2-4 weeks (just use forum search) i lost connection / the plane became uncontrollable and i crashed.

  • You might say - relax, this happens to all of us - i agree to a certain degree, but this happens way too often.

  • Even as this guy was experienced he would have had zero chance to escape, all i had to do was to dive on him, release air brake and spray him down.

What annoys me way more is the fact that i was unable to interfere earlier - because the previous furball below me took place near and above an enemy mini-base.


  1. As soon as you have an A2G loadout the aaa sprays you down - it doesn’t matter if you bombed a base or any ai ground unit or (like in my case) if you dropped your bombs without hitting anything - the aaa will kill you up to 4 km distance as some of those aaa guns have the accuracy and hit scan mechanics of af aaa.

  2. Just ask any bomber or attacker pilot how high his survival rate near enemy bases is. At certain maps you don’t even have to attack bombers going for bases for their first or 2nd run because they were either killed instantly or so heavily crippled that you can just farm totally yellow/red enemies.

So in this match i was unable to go low to save my friendly Yak-9, i crashed and we lost as my last rookie teammate thought that he can win an energy fight with a lower energy state.

Gaijin - please check the forum - both topics were addressed several times in this forum and it looks like that nothing happens. Thx for reading.


I forgot to mention that the removal of af aaa on forward airfields was great as it limited the no-fly zones. But if you increase the accuracy of aaa around those mini-bases you made them even larger than before.

Most fighter pilots don’t even know about this Increase (as aaa don’t spray at them due missing A2G loadout) and complain later that you have let them dying without hep/support. And actually this new aaa logic can be abused like hell as smart fighter pilots can drag any plane which had bombs in the “bubble of death” if he is aware of it.

As a last point - you charge 25€ from rookies for Wyverns - and they die like flies due to mini-base aaa. Imho you shold consider this too - as just the random factor map rotation decides if they can get a basekill or not.


Yesturday i was doing battle task destroy 10 ground targets in my T18B 57 and got a bit close to 1 of the destructible bases AAA, i was very low level and got destroyed and was thinking wtf


Exactly. I watch replays and see that Wyvern heading tree top to bases getting sniped at 3km distance to their targets - frequently. As written above - map related.

I got even sniped by my own hit scan scan aaa diving direct on top of a Pe 2 - and the mini-base aaa killed me and stole my kill :-)

I understand this was meant to make bomb truck fighters not take bases from bombers in high tiers, but low tiers have no business getting punished for all the idiots in their premium A-10s.

Also, some maps have ticket-laden ground units under the minibase AAA bubble - how is anyone supposed to kill them?

Lastly, I was butchered by minibase AAA on Ruhr when I was attacking the frontline ground units, and the base spawned next to said units just across the river. I was dead so quickly I couldn’t even think about running away or even turning around to run away.

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