Gaijin,before carefully evaluating the vehicles, pls stop using vehicle efficiency to value the BR

T20 to 6.3, Char 25t to 8.0, just because of the efficiency? Did you know what we have in 6.3 and 8.0?

PR56s go to 5.3? DD VS Atlanta or Kerch… I can let you respawn three times if you can sink these light cruisers…

AGS goes to 11.0 and just gets M833??? A few weeks ago you buffed M1A1’s reload time , which has m829a1…

Pls stop only using vehicle efficiency to value BR, if gaijin hasn’t play these vehicles or knows what we have in the same BR


There are just a lot of factors that determine vehicle performance and Gaijin considers absolutely none of them.


I was shocked by the gaijin manager’s reply, they said due to the efficiency, the m26 is good and they moved it to 6.7. How many vehicles are suffering from this?

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Efficiency is one thing, lineups, uptiering, matchmaking, nation, maps and everything plays a part.

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The J29F was 8.7 i believe and it was moved to 9.0 and had its repair costs shot through the roof

A6M5 Ko now being tiered higher than Fw 190Doras


A6M5 would lose to a BR 2 plane that is played by a semi-competent player, it cannot even catch up with large strike planes.


How trivial they make a player’s line up, how easily they destroy something so important in a difficult and frustrating game.
Why not lock a vehicle after a year and only move newly introduced vehicles.

It’s a stupid, unnecessary habit of this game. We need to challenge it and end the practice.

Cause that’s an absolutely stupid idea.

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Are you intelligent enough to say why or is that it?

Changing vehicle BRs is one thing, but forcing players to spend millions to fix their lineup is stupid.


I fail to see why a vehicle is at a BR for 3 years or more and no problem then all of a sudden it is.
How does any player ever settle at this game? A constant state of flux in every department. No wonder so many bail out in a rage.

Some of it is clearly intentional, when they randomly out of the blue lowered the Panzer IVs in BR so they could shove it into rank ll and make them useless.
And in the recently update where they supposedly ‘‘lowered BRs’’ they also snuck in a lot of rank changes to the lower BR vehicles and pushed them into rank ll, making it impossible to make lower BR lineups for events, dailies and battlepasses forcing you into higher BRs.


The issue with not using players stats is that you will then have a couple gaijin employees looking at the stat card and guessing what br to put it at. That is how we got the Vidar’s first br

Player stats are part of the calculation, just not the entire calculation.

It is hard due to Gaijins efforts to make a line up in some nations and some it is impossible. Many are having to play line ups with vehicles well out of their BR.

Zero need to move the 5.7 jumbo after 3 years or more, zero need to alter Germany at 5.7-6 BR after the same long period. Along with the map destruction I might as well have just started the game as a newbie. I am trying really hard to avoid the nasty Cold war world war era clash but Gaijin just keep forcing WW2 vehicles up and up until we have no choice in the matter.

Italy got hammered last time now it is France’s turn. Two nations whose line up are already an afterthought.

They added the Japanese RCV at 7.7 where it fits with nothing at all, same with the Type 81 at like 10.0 with the Japanese tanks being at 9.3 and 11.0.

Now they uptier the whole thing by a full BR, something they said in the past they would not do, but in this case it doesn’t’ really matter since it was likely playing in those matches already anyways, so it’s kinda nonsense to suggest that putting it at 11.0 is going to change anything or that it was facing 10.0 before, as I highly doubt people spawn only an SPAA or uptier their 9.0 TT or 9.3 premium lineup to 10.0 just for SPAA.

this vehicle is the undisputed leader amongst all air defense systems and effectively fights against aircraft both at a Battle Rating of 10.0

It does of course practically guarantee they’re going to screw it over more in the future and move it even higher where Japan again has to rely on the Type 93 again and the whole problem is back.

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I can fully understand that a new vehicle is hard to judge but why move something that has been at a BR for over two years or more? What is to be gained other than disruption and heartache for players? Why does Gaijin do such stupid things?

Gotta pretend you’re doing something, it’s like when the boss comes around you gotta look busy.

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Char needs to drop back to 7.3. No armor, a 6.7 shell and slower than a heavy tank.