G91Y should go to 9.0

This plane simply isn’t made for 9.3

No flares
No AAMs (we don’t count nords, they’re not reliable)
No CCIP whatsoever
Pretty good manouvrability

How let’s look at the mig19PT, also at 9.3

No flares
2 AAMs (which aren’t that good but better than manually guided ones)
Very good energy capabilities
Very manoeuvrable

The mig is a far better option in this case, but it sits at the same BR of the G91Y

In addition, both planes suffer heavily when uptiered.

For what damn reason is the 91Y at 9.0 still?




Because it is played by a “few” good player. Stop.

Same reason the YS is 9.7


You cant compare its stats just to 1 plane and say it dont belong

I can in this case

The mig19pt and g91y are similar. But if you want I can name f104a/c and the f100d

The g91y still shouldn’t be 9.0 regardless

In few years ago, when F86-F2 and MIG17 in 9.0, g91Y was in 9.7, and F104A was 10.0, now, MIG19/F100d/f104’s BR is lower than G91YS, lmao.


And I still remember when G.91YS moved up to 10.0BR.

Balancing on this game is clusterfuck sadly.


What would you compare? The G.91Y is bad compared to most 9.3s.

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I have not flown that BR yet, i just said you cant compare it against 1 plane. He Needs to add more to his argument. Whats it like compared to 1 br lower?

Wont be long before i am in that br range, im having a bad day upgrading my meteor atm 😅

You haven’t experienced top tier so you’re not aware of this yet but jets in general in air RB are massively compressed. You literally can’t care about what comes at lower BRs anymore because you go from:

7.0: Mostly ww2 jets
8.0: Subsonic post ww2 jets
9.0: 1950s Mach jets
10.0: 35g missiles (the 9.0-10.0s have no flares to even start to try to avoid these)
11.0: the start of radar missiles and advanced radars from the late 60s/70s.
12.0: Literal 2006 Block 50 F-16s and MiG-29s

The compression is the most the game has ever seen apart from maybe naval (idk dont play naval).

In that regard, it’s pretty impossible to try to start caring about what a jet sees in downtiers when ultimately the whole system is screwed regardless. The G.91Y/YS can definitely go down in BR. They aren’t even as good as whats already at 9.0/9.3.

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Does not sound very forgiving. I have tried to delay my jet experience as much as possible. Getting hit by aim9 while flying meteor is bad enough.

I think jets should all be separated into generations, ie 1sr, 2nd gen and so but i think there get stuck at 4th gen lol

what do you mean here

Stealth, i hear beyond visual range is bad enough

Giajin are so fucking stupid its unbelievable. The game is like a decade old now and they still cant get simple stuff right. Ie, 1st generation pre-war sub sonic, 2nd generation post war sonic, 3rd generation mach 2, 4th gen mach 3, 5th gen mach 4 ie f22 lightning and beyond. I understabd planes are developed to counter. Thats my take on it. Rant over

Cause Italy?

What about Hunter F.6 that has SRAAM but can’t go supersonic?

simply remove sraam, it was a failed experiment by gaijin that went on for 4-5 years

Also what about Hunter F.58 and Super Etendard, A-4N, Harriers?

All of them can’t go supersonic on the deck but, you know they shouldn’t face against 1953 jets such as F-2 Sabre and MiG-17, Hunter F.1.

SRAAM Can go supersonic so i would put it in 3rd gen