Fw190 Flight Model

Fw190 in this game has an unrealistic garbage flight Model.

Irl, The Aircraft had a very good turn rate at high speeds (at 500+ kph able to outturn spitfires) and average turn rate at medium speeds.

In war thunder it just turns like total garbage at all speeds which is stupid.


I think you mean this post is garbage, the FW-190 is an amazing aircraft, it isn’t a turnfighter I don’t know why you want it to be


What a dumb toxic ass response lol.

I didn’t say the fw190 was a turn fighter, I said it’s flight model in this game is 100% unrealistic underperforming garbage. It will lose dogfights against heavy attackers if it doesn’t have a clear energy advantage Lol.

If you don’t believe me, try out an ACTUAL dedicated Flight Sim like Il2- Great Battles and see the difference there. (Which is also where i get my knowledge from)

War Thunder’s Flight Model is just a straight up disrespect to the aircraft lol.


Oh, yes. Let’s tune the plane not according to a real model, but according to another game. Really?


If thats your only argument then try full controls if you havent already - it should perform better.

"The Yak3s right now are a perfect example of a plane that you need to maintain both altitude and speed to fight effectively which really is what FW 190 should always be doing anyways, as in real life it was the actual plane that the Luftwaffe made the warning of “Do not fight new fangled Yaks below 3km, ever” "

That warning was also given to the 109’s as well.

Bro, war thunder’s “real model” allows planes to fly perfectly fine with a whole wing missing

Don’t think the FWs have really been good in a long time, their FM used to be bad and now they’re just average, it’s not really the best at anything.

Took it from old forum as I couldnt find it quick, didnt have much time back then.

Having no clue about certain things is nothing to be ashamed of - posting nonsense is something you should avoid.

If you dig enough you find a lot of evidence that at least the earlier Fw 190s had zero problems to clap Spitfires, some mock-up dogfights between 109s and 190s were decided by pilot experience, power needed to fly the plane - and altitude/speed - the lower the alt and the higher the speed, the chances of the 190s got better.

30 seconds google - Spit Mk V vs 190 A:

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I wasn’t talking about no f15s my guy. I was talking about ww2 planes like bf109s flying perfectly fine with just one wing in WT.

Gotta love these tripple-vaxxed calves thinking that War thunder flight models involve anything other than typing Climb rates and turn rates into an Excel sheet lol

You are both referring to a hoax - there is not a single primary source confirming any “warnings” - i explained it here:

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Yes it was a toxic response, but I thought the same thing from your post. What the Fw190 started out as and then became are also too different things. The later Dora is getting more like a P51 than the thing it started as and has different handling characteristics in the game.

The plane, by contemporary accounts did seem to have a better turn ability than in the game. Same with P51. They weren’t turn-fighters, clearly but there could be improvements. I only use Fw190 for Air Arcade Assault (it’s nice to have one mode where the other players are incentivized to be somewhat cooperative). The Spitfires and 109s feel very accuate, compared to other simulations. The Japanese planes, same. But the 190 seems too wooden. At any altitude.

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Thank you. I was thinking everyone had gone mad when recommending the FW190s. I thought I was going crazy for always losing any fight. But then I tired allied planes like the Spitfire or the Yak. I was blown away by how much better they turned without being that much slower than the D13 or D12. While I find the FW190 to be the better boom and zoomer still, I never go in a turn fight and only ambush for a short moment these days after having learned the lesson. If I don’t get it on the target, I disengage immediately, because I am going to lose otherwise. That has earned me many insults so far, but also the best results. (I must add that I only fly fighters in GF)

When I compared this to irl reports about the FW190’s performance, there was just no comparison.

Especially Yak-3s are absolutely insane in WT, Spitfires will also outclimb and outturn you.


Agree to the Yak-3s. Best weapon against them: B7A2.

The old forum is full with posts regarding open and hidden nerfs of 190s - and the lousy FM of 190s regarding turn.


190s used to be a lot worse even I think, but they’ve never been great in my experience, although not as insanely bad as the Do 335s.

I did once get the Yak-3 for France and I easily do a lot better in it that in any other plane, it’s so far ahead of the competition and easy to fly.

Agreed, i got also the French Yak 3 from the war bonds shop (years ago on inactive account) and i died mainly just due this damn low rip speed and low crew skills as this was my 1st French plane…