Fun visualization of how balanced SPAA is at top tier

Stormer don’t got a radar. Got a silly little laser thingo from my understanding.

I’ve tried to use it recently and phased every shot. Might just be it don’t play nice with Australia.

I beleive its ping related. and gaijin hate Australia.

Whatever the thingy is, It should have IFF from my understanding , was reported a while ago

Interesting, wouldn’t have thought it could have IFF. Good to know.

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Not only IFF, even a ground radar(irst)!

And “F&F” (that is, you only need to lock and fire, you can let go of the controls, FCS does everything else for you).


Flakrad just needs some new missiles


What about this one bros

Its about search radars, Type lack one

defo need this. and if we can get the flarak evolution long with it, all the better

We will probably get this one

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There is also a Swedish ASRAD with 9km range missile, but huge downside of it is that it has a limited elevation.

A graph showing actual missile envelopes would be more useful.

So far I’ve never been shot down by a search radar… ;-)


Yet I’ve been killed plenty of times due to a lack of one.

WT is one of the most unblanced games I know.

You, can’t kill, what you can’t see.
So a search radar is rather important.


Yeah, every spaa can destroy plane right after its reapawn

Clearly they can not.

Unless its a Su25SM3

What a PESA radar does to a mf

And imagine the joy of having the skies littered by radiowaves once they’ll add AESA-type radars )))))))

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Someone wanna tell OtoDraco that his ranges are based on the ability for a missile to travel in an elevated slant at it’s 100% max speed 24/7 for the entirety of its control time…?

95Я6 has a burn time of less than 6 seconds… That’s 1/5 the flight time, and for 80% of its flight time it’s decelerating.

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